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April 11, 2009


widmer hefeweizen

That is sweet.

I love pits, they are so misunderstood.


What little cuties! I was sad a bit at the name forgetting, but then I realized that they will probably be renamed any ways when they are adopted. :P None of my family's pets were able to retain the names they had at the shelter, but really who wants a cat named 'Monkey?'
Can't wait to adopt my next shelter pet in June! <3


A standing ovation to Eve and all her fellow animal control officers, and all the pet shelters workers out there! and to Brit, who is going to adopt soon. and to all of us who did adopt, and will adopt!


very cozy ! I hope they get adopted together


I'm loving the cow-babies.


blender gato!!!

Édith from québec

Ohhhhhhh they're holding paws ! sweeeeettttt


I'm not an animal control officer, Chris. I'm a humane officer. I know it sounds the same, but it's a totally different gig.
I arrest real bad guys for beating and starving their dogs. But unlike an animal control officer, I don't care if your dog is off leash and I don't know shit about Rabies.


I adopted my cats from DC Humane Society and I looove them so much! One of them, Rufus, had his Santa picture posted here last December.

Our humane officers have a hard job and do good work. They bring us some of the sweetest animals that deserve good homes.

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