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April 23, 2009



Oh my goshness how wicked!!!


holy fuck. most brilliant post ever!


Thanks for all the pictures. It's great!


AMAZING, just amazing, thanks Chris!

Sarah M

Oh my god. This was the best (and worst) thing I've ever seen. Fantastic.


you know... scared right this minute.... quite the adrenaline much for sleep

Kyle F

Oh Chris... Jesus loves you.

Leanne from BC

jesus fucking CHRIST!
that... was... awesome...


As long as you are still sane, Chris--that is all that really matters! This auction just goes to show how much of a "freak" Michael really is! All those statues...and rocking horses--CREEPY!!!

Andrea Black

Thanks for checkin gin with us here in the cyberworld. Can't wait for some new stuff from you and your awsome


That's a classy Scrabble set. I don't blame for wanting that out of everything. I mean, we all know the first thing you'd bid on would be those wax 8 year -olds.


issues....he has issues...and no idea that Jesus loves him...V sad. But the bus is cooohool


That was so much fun! Wish I could have seen it in person, although it would probably make me feel dirty too. I do think he ordered the crazy art though. Is there anyone here who doesn't think that guy is crazy? Love ya Chris!


I've got to say I got the same impression from these photos as you got going there, Chris. The whole thing seems so sad and morbid, a real window into a troubled man. Michael and Britney, their lives shouldn't be put on show like this, they need psychiatric help. This whole museum gives off the feeling like he's dead or something.


This almost made me tear up. It is just so sad what Michael has turned into...


PS... that picture was of Michael getting CORONATED. I find he had many delusions of grandeur... anyone remember a later video he had of the giant Lenin-esque statue of him with armies of Michael fans marching in lockstep about it? *shudder*

That was a whole bunch of nutty.


Oh my god Chris thank you so much for sharing that! I've always wondered...


Poor MJ to have all his possessions just auctioned off to strangers... did you see his award even for sale? Good thing he got to keep them all.


Those children... someone's got to save them!

I would have bid on the McAulay Culkin aht.


I always want to post but fear I will only be regarded as a stalker, a freak, a ccl, or some such. Truth is, I love your mind and dig your soul and appreciate that you share it.

My ex-husband went to Graceland once and returned forever changed and humbled (not that is did anything for the marriage)--makes you wonder while the King and the King of Pop were building their sad empired where the people who loved them were. Didn't anyone ever say, "Dude, WTF? Stop It!!!"


When I first read this, I felt creeped out and oddly violated. Then when I read your paragraph at the end of the pictures I just want to get in the fetile position and call my Mom to tell her I love her. I mean seriously, this really bummed me out.


Go to hell, gloves!


*shivers* I hope he wasn't showing his "taste" in "art" when he bought those two little 8-year-olds.


Aw-the fuck-some. Don't feel creppy. Fell lucky, heck I'd go if I were near by


Fascinating post. Soul crushing as well.

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