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April 27, 2009



Mr. TUT!!!!


Very glad to see a new show. Very sad that I am in the midwest instead of the PNW. CHICAGO, CHRISSSS!!! p.s. I do feel sorry for Amanda.


Someone needs to come to Philadelphia. And that someone is Chris Leavins.

Also, you look much healthier this week, Chris. Good work.


CHRIS!!!!!!! You didn't post the results of the last cutedown. I need to know who won...... Adam's life depends on it.


I'm sorry amanda but your pic have no movement......sending someting in for IFS4YD!


PNW is overrated. Please, oh please, will you venture out of your comfort zone of the west coast, and Canada, and FUCKING COME TO CHICAGO?!? This way, us poor midwesterners would have something to flock to. Think of US Chris, if that's not too much to ask.
PS-thanks for the new vid. It fucking rocked! :)


Does anyone know what the violin music at the very end of the video is? I like it.

Christine Smith

Chris - Come to Des Moines, Iowa. I will give you FREE room and board. PLEAAAAAAAAASE. We need you here.


that's stuff you'd turn in to a fashion school... maybe that's the problem


OMG, Christine Smith, I concur!! Des Moines DOES need Chris! Spike, the pansy cat, needs you to come to Des Moines!


Obviously, Chris needs to come home to Saskatchewan. Just saying. *coughREGINAcough*


yays finally a new vid!! now I can stop moping and get on with my life!! thank you chris, for not murdering your annoying but loving fan base :)

Emily Beauvais

guinea pig!!!!


Those looked liked costume rederings to me. You should apply for a costume design program and take art classes there.


oh oh so will I, and getting it on wit tha whata

Melissa H.

Here's your problem, Amanda. You submitted these to art schools, when clearly what you want to do is be a costume designer. Try submitting to theater programs instead.

sam i is

centrally located? Centrally located!?

Have you looked at a map lately?


sheesh. Centrally located.

A Person

I used to have a Guinea Pig named Heidi.
But we called her Piggy Pig instead.

She died of cancer when I was 6.


Chris! It doesn't matter that it wasn't shirtless!

I didn't realise until I watched this video how much I'd missed your real video posts :D


I don't understand the "nasty" part about Mr. Tut, but he's cute anyways, even if it looks like a raccoon is sitting on his head. (Oh, wait, is that a Davy Crockett cap?) I still have to go with Guinea Pig. His name is even more creative than my sister's cat's name, Bubbles. Well, at least Guinea Pig's name is not weird. Anyways, Guinea Pig is the cutest.

And Amanda, when I saw the dress design, I said "Hm. I'd wear it." You should totally be a fashion designer or costume designer! Your aht looks like some fancy designs you find in Vogue or something, so don't give up!


Finally a new vid! gonna have to say Horse because he's the least boring.

Amanda... The pics you have are fine... but they're all from a dead front perspective in a nothing pose. They display no visual interest, composition, implied depth, implied perspective or any artistic qualities other than basic human anatomy. Compare your work to professional or commercial work. You'll quickly see why your stuff is a joke. If all you can do is a basic human form from front view then most 8 year olds are better rounded artists than you.
Sorry for ranting... people who can't self-assess will not go far.


No Melbourne show? That's a shame. Next time then?


I vote for Mr. Tut!
Anyways I loved this episode Chris it was super hilarious!


Oh yeah, and I hope Ingrid was okay!


Yea! My week is so much better when it starts off with maimed kittens and failing artists. Awesome new video.

I feel like I've lost my soul.

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