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April 07, 2009



That is the best office pet yet.



and yes, Chris is on holidays.
Chris + Lava rocks 4evar.


So cute! A little blurry, and hard to read. Still, cute. I wish I had a real office dog.


you can't have a real dog as your office dog - that's cheating.

and he's ridiculously cute - that's double cheating.

and he's being trained to be a responsible guide dog - that's triple cheating.

(but seriously folks - he's way adorable!!)


He is one handsome dog! Look at the way he's sitting! - self confideeence!


Sooo cute! Hope his training goes well... those dogs that make it through are just amazing.


Natalie and I will make sure to keep you updated on his progress. It sure makes for a nice office environment. He has his own security tag with his picture on it and a name badge near his desk


A lady I work with has a live office dog like Frankie. Her office dog has its own listing in the corporate directory, too, w/ a picture & office number.

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Love me and love my dog.

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