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April 13, 2009



DEGUS! Another person has degus! I am so excited.
I'll send some pictures of my furbabies right away. xD


--By the way, I almost fell out of my chair after seeing that familiar little face.

I caught myself by grabbing a hold to a basket on the table holding a bunch of plants.

I am now covered in dirt.

But, anyways, I am very happy to see some cute little diabetes-prone furmonster on CWC.

I feel I had to add that in there so no idiot adopts one. -_x


I have a degu also!! And now that I have a high quality camera, I can take high quality pictures! My degu's name is hammer, and he's a jerk. :)


I was wondering if there was ever a degu on CWC.. I have two: Alice and Lucy. I've tried to take pictures, but they NEVER hold still.


Il est trop mignon. Salut Bert!


Awww I love degus!
I used to have two..but they died :(
They are the best pets ever!

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The three then travel to Rebma, a reflection of Amber underwater, and there they meet their sister Llewella and Moire, the queen of Rebma.

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