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April 16, 2009



Wow. Cute pet.

Oh, yeah, this is not a pet.

...Is this site going to be like MTV, which USED TO play music (the name DOES stand for Music Television) but now it only plays reality shows?

...Please visit this site and vote for Beyond Nine Cat Rescue in Florida. Petfinders is sponsoring grants to those with the most votes. It takes only a moment, they helped me save Lucky's life (he was seen on CWC pic and even video)
when all other shelters in SE Florida turned us away (I contacted every shelter on Petfinders from Jupiter to Miami).
Lucky is a stray hit by a car (& needed months of medical care & several surgeries) who is now (thanks to them alone) a healthy, happy, loving kitty cat.
Please take the time. They are small, they do not get donations and large grants like smoe of the others can get. No facility, they take animals into theirs and volunteers homes. They are amazing and deserve funds to help others, as well.


Dear sweet, silly, darlingly stupid Corinna,

You look nothing like Mark Hamil.


Hm... I don't come to this website to look at 14-year-olds.

Where's the kitten?


Wow, this girl is horribly ugly. What an attention-whore.


MARIAH! BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! It really is the best title you could've given it.


lol @ tova's comment.


cute as a but button

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