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April 15, 2009



It happened to my LuLu too. Your cat was gorgeous. I love round eyed cats. In the photo he looks like Mustafa Kat-mal Ataturk, in a fez. I'm sorry you lost your pretty kitty. XXX


cwc is getting very back on point lately. like it used to be. me likey.


what the fuck kind of comment is that? "me likey?" umm...okay "poop". PS: sorry chun to hear about this. you are have been a great contributor to the cult and i wondered what happened to you. this is pretty bad news.


I'm so sorry for your loss. :-(


oh chun, that is so sad to lose such a cute kitty. i am so sorry for your loss. big hugs!


Generally speaking, pet surgery isn't a 50:50 proposition, though bowel obstructions tend to carry a higher rate of complications. Either way, I'm sorry to hear the news. It's never easy to lose a pet, especially when it's not expected.


Chun, that sucks. I'm so sorry.


Losing a family member who is a pet, is very hard - you have to make all the decisions for them. Vets sometimes act like doctors and fear lawsuits, so they may not have told you all the risks. If you bring another pet into your home, find another vet.


Oh, that is very sad. We recently lost a kitty of 13 years and it was also unexpected. Took him to the vet and he did not come home.

... While you are here, people, please help other kitties keep their lives. There is no hope for some, but others simply need someone who cares.

Remember Lucky? He was featured in THANK YOU FOR MY RAGE and also made the web show.

I found him as he was hit by a car and left for dead. I had no way to fund the enormous bills for several surgeries, weeks of hospitilization and medications.

I contacted every pet rescue I could find on for an hours drive in every direction.

NONE could help me, not even with one dollar.

Except for BEYOND NINE CAT RESCUE in Florida... Now there is a contest, sponsored by Petfinders, and recues with the most votes get grants. This rescue is small, has no facility, just volunteers that care for and foster the animals. The founders would drive an hour after work some nights just to sit with Lucky so he could be pet while he was in the hospital. She paid all his medical bills, told the vet not to spare anything needed, with her personal credit card.

That is dedication.

It would be great if viewers could help them be able to help other animals by taking just a moment to vote. You can vote once per day, too, if so inclined, until June. Just type in "Beyond Nine" and use the drop down for the state FL and it will show up so that you can vote.

Please help save more like Lucky who is now healthy, very happy, VERY sweet, and very loved. Thank you, Beyond Nine. And Lucky's new parents thank you, too.

Click on my name below to vote...


MeowMewo wears a cute hat in the pictures!


I'm so sorry that you lost your kitty. :( Take comfort in the thought that you gave him the best life a kitty could ask for and did what you could for him. *hugs*


I'm very sorry for your loss. I had a cat that died last May of kidney failure. When I took him to the vet they said that he was jealous of my other cat and that's why he wasn't using the litter box. I knew in my heart that something was wrong but I trusted the vet anyway. A week later he died and the autopsy showed the cause of death. Needless to say I found a different vet and question everything he suggests. So just remember you're not alone. : )


Thanks chris for taking a moment to remember meow :) and thanks everyone for the good thoughts *hugs*


He was beautiful and I am sorry for your loss. I loved the pic of him with the hat over his face....He was so pretty.


Aww. I'm sorry to hear that :(


Your cat was beautiful, and he was awesome for letting you put a hat on him! I recently lost my Kagato (featured in the Cones section), his cancer spread...but I'm sure you gave Meowmeow a wonderful life.


Soo sad~~~~~!!!!!! He's sooo cute in that hat :(

Glad to know your fighting to help rescue cats and animals alike just launched a new site called - and their donating a portion of there revenue to Petfinder and the ASPCA.

Great that theres a way we can help dog adoption programs at no cost.

Love the site - keep it up!!!

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