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April 14, 2009



Sweet and thunderous mercy...that's a lotta Coltys...

Lost Tin Dacrowd

Forget Waldo....
Where's Colty?!


they better hide from colty! LOL!


those rearing-up ones in the middle scare me


What's scary is, if you follow the link, you'll find a photo with about 6 trillion horses lined up facing a much smaller group of random horses tossed in a pile. It looks like the large herd is getting ready to attack and eat the smaller, "haven't-got-a-shot-in-hell", random pile.

Such violence.


i have an urge to knock them all down like dominoes.

Kim A

Pfft. Stablemates. Try the hobbiest who has over 7,000 horses.


OMG! That's my collection!!

Leslie-WOW, that person's collection is impressive! I can only dream of having that many horse models.


Oops, I mean Kim. I read it wrong.


OMG! That's my collection!

Kim-that person's collection is amazing! I can only dream of having that many horse models some day.

Jonathan Castellino

Haha... that's my girlfriend's collection - yes, they are the 'stablemates', but that is only ONE of the Breyer sizes she collects - not to mention her 'other' collections...

Here's just one small corner of her apartment:



Kim A

Stablemates breed on their own, I swear it.. I can't figure out how I have so many.. >.< I see a few in your group that I don't have though.. Very nice. I prefer the Classic size, myself, but there's not as many good molds in that size. Traditionals are of course the old standby.

Have you discovered Model Horse Blab?


Kim A-Model Horse Blab?

No, I have not!


Check out the the real crazies: Model Horse Shows!

The really scary part is when they start charging stud fees. I'm not kidding. Or model horse races. I haven't figured that one out yet.

Kim A

Yeah, I personally am not into "breeding" or "racing" the models... can't quite get my mind around those concepts, but hey, to each his (or in this case, probably her) own. [The hobby is about 99.75% female] I've only been to one live show myself, but it was a small function.

Annie, check it out! One of the best forums for model collectors!

And for the record, yes, we model horse crazies do have a huge get together every year in Kentucky. Breyerfest is having its 20 year anniversary this year and I will be there!

Kelly W

Hey, were not all crazy! I'm not into "breeding" or "racing" my models either, though I do like to show them. I have about 1800.

Kim A

Kelly! I recognize that collection! :D Our hobby's resident guidebook co-author! [and I might say that we all are indeed our own brand of crazy.]


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