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April 06, 2009



I am really glad Kimber clarified because I did actually think that part of the deal was that the crackhead wanted her to buy the cat some smokes.

This probably makes more sense.


OMG- that cat is adorable! I love how cats get into the most awkward positions and seem perfectly content.

Kara Stahl

That is an awesome cat :)


I bet Sophie's life is a million times better with you than it would have been had you not bought her ciggs.

It seems that crackheads wouldn't make very good pet owners.


I still think the cat smokes.


I know there's a really great, great comment to make for this story - but for some reason I just can't come up with it.

Sometimes you just have to let the good ones go, though. Sigh.


I'm babysitting this cat and she's not that cool. At all. She flinches when you go to pet her. And farts when she gets scared.

Denise Brant

Sophie is good at "window ledges" too,
brave cat,farts & all!!


at least you didn't have to buy crack to get the cat...

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