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April 16, 2009


Laura McCullough

Jack, you look shitloads like Mark Hamill, in his youth - and this is not at all a bad thing, as Hamill was Utterly HOT. And so are you, get over it.


Sorry, man. You totally look like Mark Hamill.


OK so you don't look like him, but you ABSOLUTELY look like you could be his brother...

Feel better?

Please visit this site and vote for Beyond Nine Cat Rescue in Florida. Petfinders is giving grants to those with the most votes. It takes only a moment, they helped me save Lucky's life (he was seen on CWC pic and video) when all other shelters in SE Florida turned us away (I contacted every shelter on Petfinders from Jupiter to Miami).
Lucky is a stray hit by a car (& needed months of medical care & several surgeries) who is now (thanks to them alone) a healthy, happy, loving kitty cat.
Please take the time. They are small, they do not get donations and large grants like smoe of the others can get. No facility, they take animals into theirs and volunteers homes. They are amazing and deserve funds to help others, as well.


Avoid the hairy moles and avoid falling in love with your sister, Jack!


DUDE! You sooo look like him...but you should take it as a compliment...He was HOT in his youth.

"May the force be with you" =p


Beware the dork side, Luke.


You look more like Mark Hamill than Mark Hamill does.

How do people mock you for that? I'm having trouble thinking up a Hamill-related insult.

Jack Luke

I think the situation is somewhat made worse by the fact my second name is Luke.

Which isn't all that great.


Tova--Beyond 9 cat shelter ROCKS big time for saving Lucky, who is one of the cutest orange furry purry things ever since my own orange furry purry things! i voted! and i will--everyday!!


wow, I thought this was just another HDHTO... sorry :(


i don't actually think u look like him very much
it really is just the haircut i think


am i seeing double?





Dude, you look ENTIRELY like Mark Hamill, circa 1977--but how on earth is that a bad thing?


Dude, they're telling you that you look like him, not that you act like him. So what's the problem?

Not that I think you look much like him.


like your blog.

Single Kelly

Embrace it, Jack. Use it to your advantage. Make "Mark Hamil" business cards with some sort of suave business title on them. Something like "CEO, Jedi Inc." or "CFO, Force Unltd." Pass them out in bars to pick up girls.


Dude, you look totally different... I mean, he's in color!

Meli's really not a bad're super adorable.


Get a haircut and you won't look like him.

You have different chins.

Katie C

I think that you just submitted these photos and PRETENDED to be offended that people think you look like Mark Hamil so that you could get these comments about how you DO look like Mark Hamil and how hot he is.

You look like him, you know it, and you LOVE IT! I'm on to your tricks. :)


Mark Hamil is the guy on the left, right?

I'd say the guy on the right kind of looks like Mark Hamil...

Melissa H.

Maybe he's copying YOU, Jack. That seems to be kind of a problem for Scottish guys:

Connie in Ohio

The force is strong with this one... LOL


Sorry kid. You totally look like Mark Hamil.

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