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April 07, 2009



A 29 teen going to see New Kids on the Block?? That is one of the scariest, scariest things I have come across on the internet to date... And the fact that you admit that you attended... You are torn between thing 1 and thing 2, I am torn on whether or not to share the same cult as you & risk being infected, or get the hell out now before it's too late.


Shudder. As if it wasn't bad enough the first time around...

Jenny, from Iowa, who loves Donnie

Monkey...might as well get the hell out now.

Clearly you're too bitter to relive a bit of your youth and have blast with friends you've had had since the New Kids were around the first time. I had a damn good time and, hell no, I am not ashamed to admit it.

Lighten up. Life's too short to be worried about what concerts I have fun at.


1st - GO CYCLONES!!!
2nd - I had a Donnie Barbie doll when I was a kid (I needed a replacement for my headless Ken) and it was really awesome because he could do the splits if you took his pants off (he had fleshtone molded tightie whities).
3rd - he totally had a rat tail, eew.


Cyclones rock. Shift alliances- too much black and gold, can't take much more. Must get back to looking at pictures of puppies and kittens before I vomit.


I'm pretty sure you should switch to the gay one. That way you won't seethe - yeah, I said 'seethe' - whenever you see him dating another woman.

Or, you could transfer allegiance to the one who still has his own hair.


stick with donny, just because hes wearing that t-shirt doesnt mean he likes the people, its just an image thing.


Forget all of them and hook up with the chick in the background... And send pictures...

Christine Smith

Go Hawks!

widmer hefeweizen

CYCLONESSSS!!! Woo, I went to ISU too. DIAF Donnie! Ok maybe that is too harsh, but at least let the t-shirt DIAF :P


Dude this girl is crazy!
ISU? New kids? What's with this person?!?
Seriously Longhorns, and if you're gunna go with a gay boy band at least go for one who's members aren't old enough to be my grandfathers. I can't believe they're still touring, i thought they had died of old age.


ehm , do i have to be the one to say, things are better SHIRTLESS!!!!


Since when did Chris turn into some sort of Magic 8-ball for (non)teens?

'Reply hazy, try again.'


Shift to Joey. Please.


OMG! Bunch of haters! I love NKOTB & Donnie is my favorite also! Switch to Joey so I can have Donnie for myself! (;

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