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April 03, 2009



That may be the best picture of a cat I have ever seen.


And has Lauren's brother checked to make sure Diamond doesn't have a medical disorder that needs to be addressed?


and she lights her farts? bad kitty


Her tummy is bald.


Cats that pee everywhere sometimes have a bladder infection. Diamond should be seen by a Veterinarian.


I agree with Mel. That kind of behavior is typical of a cat with a urinary tract infection. A few antibiotics might make for considerably less urine-soaked tennies.


Okay, this is not a joke. A friend of a friend of mine had a similar problem that she could not cure her cat of. She went to a cat psychologist (yes, there is such a thing) and the therapist told her the only way to break the cat of his problem was to put him in the bathtub and pee on him herself. She did and the cat never peed where he shouldn't again. Try it!


I suppose someone who would take their cat to a psychologist would also be the kind of person to pee on their kitty.
Please don't pee on your kitties. That's a whole new level of animal abuse!


LOL Oh my God! I can't stop laughing about this! She peed on her cat? That gives a whole New meaning to "Crazy Cat Lady"!! I also have to admire her aim. Even with the cat stuck in the bathtub, I think most women would have a really hard time hitting the target!


I was going to suggest peeing on the cat. And I just made that up. Maybe I should be a cat psychologist.

Take her to the vet.

Silver the Fox

My cat had the same problem, but that stopped when we had her spayed, so thats my suggestion.

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