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April 20, 2009



Holy crap! Breyer heaven! If I had seen that room as a ten year old girl I would have freaked out!



That indicates speechless. I don't know if I should be impressed or very, very afraid.


Wow,'re quite dedicated.


This is so awesome.
I love that she mentioned Colty is legal.


Awesome collection Kelly!!! Can you also ID Pervy's origin, as I think he would look fantastic on my desk!

Jack Luke

Out of curiosity, do you own a real horse?


That's... disturbing.


I'm a little, um, creeped out....just a little though.

Matt Blank

Chris - I feel a restraining order will soon be required on your part.

Kelly W

A.J.: Pervy is a bay Marx Thunderbolt. I don't know much about them!

Jack: I do own a real horse, a paint/belgian named Willie, but was into collecting long before I got him.

Matt: No restraining order necessary. Despite my "crazy horse lady" tendencies, I'm happily married to someone that accepts me and my 1800 little friends.

The rest of you: It is disturbing! However, since I co-authored a book about them, my family and friends think I'm slightly less nuts than before!




I just love starting my day with a mental picture of plastic horse sex!


Matt: its not Chris who needs a restraining order its colty...


Ahh, but do they all have names?

Kim A

Yay Kelly! Finally some recognition for the hobby!!

Courtney Coombs

I like collecting action figures, I've probably spend a few hundred on them in the past few years. I've currently got around 80 toys.
But I think there comes a certain point where it's just obsessive and you can't appreciate each one individually anymore. They're all just one huge mass of plastic equines.
I don't think I could collect so many of one type of thing too.


Wow, that's awesome! I mean, kind of creepy, but awesome nonetheless. I wish I had something to put that much time into... What happens when you, er, pass on? Donating them somewhere? haha


Oh my Lord, I salute you, I bow down to you, I kiss the floor you walk on.


Kelly: Thanks again for the info, but one further question (sorry to the cult for all the plastic horse talk...) -

Pervy has an articulated head, while the Thunderbolt appears to be a fixed mold - is it possible that Pervy is actually a Marx Bay Buckskin (with nodding head)?

I am not a horse collector (just a BIG fan of Colty & Pervy), but I appreciate your insights


Colty is indeed "proud". The pictures leave me speechless.


Yes. And afterwards can pervy and Colty be married. 8D


Dedication is a euphemism for obsessed.
Just saying.

Isabella from FL

W#ow, you all need to stop hating. Kelly has done something that requires dedication, something she can be proud of. This is more than many people can say of themselves.

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