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April 29, 2009


Sarah aka KB

Hmm, the comfort of shirtless firemen... Of course she'd take *that* with her!


I'm strangely disturbed by the fact that Pamela Wallin wrote this.

Hey Chris, how about a feature on famous CCLs? Not that she's famous outside of Canada.


I am also disturbed that Pamela Wallin wrote this. Intellectually, I never put her on a pedestal. On the other hand, I never anticipated that she might write a cat book.

PS: I don't know why I am being critical, because I think cat books are awesome.


Who the hell is this chick? And why can't we get back to shirtless firemen???


As a fellow Canadian I am amused by the Pamela Wallin content.


Nice to know I am not the only one in the rockies that watches blog! A big hello from Sparwood BC Isabel!


For those who are curious, Pamela Wallin is a Canadian Senator, former Canadian journalist. Like other journalists (ahem! cough! Mike Duffy) recently admitted to the circle of Canadian Senator-dom, she is of the conservative party-sympthathizer variety. I am amazed by the audacity of her public single self writing about her love of the felines....

Wikipedia has got the deets.


Kootenays Rocks!

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