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April 15, 2009



That's so photo-shopped... Bad job. Look how fuzzy the pink part of the toothbrush is...


Gotta disagree with Sheep - just a very low resolution image (was it captured from a video?). The toothbrush handle appears to be white with a pink inset, so given the strong natural lighting from the side and the low resolution, we get a LOT of artifacting around the pink/white transition - this is also evident other places in the image. The real question is WHAT THE $^&% IS THE STAIN ON THE COUCH (and what possessed you to pay 3K for it)?


Weimeraners rock


Great viewer letter...
Awesome picture...
Demented viewer pays 3 grand for a couch...
For 3 grand, it had better clean my house and cook me breakfast!


Real picture guys...although I am flattered you think its cuteness has no other explanation than photoshop. Yeah...the Ethan Allen sofa was a good idea at the time, but then we didn't have a dog...

Gross D Out

Please tell me that's mud?!


Thinking it's NOT mud. Is the smear an indication that sweet Isaac tried to clean it up himself? Or was he merely sliding off the couch when he...whatevered?

Poor Isaac. Does he have the toothbrush because he was trying to remove the evidence himself?

Clen Itup

A bar of Octagon soap those miracles when it comes to cleaning up stains ;^)

Melissa H.

Well, on the plus side he probably didn't have doggy breath for a while.

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