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April 28, 2009



ah, but so worth it! you have a female orange purry thing!!!! i loves me some of that.

p.s. put your earphones away instead of leaving them out where Ginger can get them. pet ownership = responsability! good luck! :-)


Female cats like to chew through cords. Ours destroyed window blind cords. That skill helps them chew through umbilical cords if they become a momma cat.


leave the old ones out as a decoy...


I have an orange fuzzy female feline myself, and she does the exact same thing! She destroyed the adapter to my laptop and has munched on Wii and iPod cables (still working thankfully). We learned our lesson and hid things as best we could, and then wrapped the entire cord of my new laptop adapter in electrician's tape. It has done the trick! Ah, kitties :)


Wow, an orange cat that's a girl. Pretty awesome.

With my two girl kitties, we had to cover some of our wires in Bitter Yuck. And sometimes we forget after handling them and know why it's called Bitter Yuck.. :<


Me too! I've gone through 5 or 6 pairs of headphones due to cat chewing! I feel your pain.

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