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April 30, 2009



A friend? Not for long if you don't crack that window, Abby.


Friends don't let friends bake in cars...

JUST KIDDING, man! Where's the sense of humor?

You know I had a samoyed once... For about 10 days. Biggest, sweetest, most pain in the ass dog I ever owned. They have SO much energy since they are bred to pull sleds. My vet told me to get her a harness and have her pull logs to get her exercise in as being a family pet isn't enough to keep this breed healthy and happy.

Bitch had so much energy she would just jump through the screen of my window and roam the neighborhood. All night long she would lick my hand and "ah-roo-roo-roo" at me wanting to play and get pet.

Pretty, but very VERY energetic.

She eventually jumped through a window, ran away and was never seen again... But left a trail of chewed film cartridges, socks, and other items behind...


the heat....can't....breathe.......i'm....melting.......


Wow, I hope this dog gets to pull logs or whatever. She is really pretty.


Does anyone else see that the person who took this picture is wearing a GIANT hat?! I see it in the car reflection, it's amazing.


"Now I have a friend."

...because I broke this one out of that oven of a car and stole it!


A giant hat? No no, look more closely. It is simply the reflection is distorted, much like a fun house mirror. There is no hat. And you need an eye exam.

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