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May 26, 2009




U.S. Citizens: Until May 3l, 2009, for land and sea border crossings, U.S. citizens age 16 and over will need the following: A valid driver’s license AND proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate or naturalization papers.

Beginning June 1, 2009, requirements for land and sea border crossings for U.S. born citizens and naturalized citizens will require a Passport, or a Passport Card, or an Enhanced Driver’s license


737 miles? That's crazy, and awesome. Good luck with the drive, man! All twelve hours each way.

cheap thrill

You can't even get pop corn for $15.00 in NYC!!


If I had a reliable vehicle I would make the 1400 mile drive (each way) to see this show. Or, Chris could just come to Boston and shorten the trip by 1399 miles.


I will be honest and say I considered taking the 879 mile journey (each way) to see Cute With Chris Live (and the Story Hour) as well. God speed, Carrie. God speed.

Leanne from BC

im totaly pissed off that people are doing this... and dont even know if they are going to be able to make it... and yet people like ME who live in victoria and are DESPERATE to go, are unable to get tickets because they are sold out.


i am looking forward to the story hour though... want to go to both though *tear*

Ooops, IFSFYD was a while ago.

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