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May 27, 2009



this post made me laugh, hard


priceless look on that cat's face.Like he has his paw on the reclining device and it worked.


I love these pics and Arloe's commentary. And having 2 pics of the cat-on-the-butt in 2 separate incidents shows us that this is habitual.


I had a cat that kept waking me up that way. I got him a kitten to play with - the kitten kept him occupied, but he got tired of being attacked in the morning and now hides in the closet. The kitten has taken over tormenting me awake. And she's even worse.


I'll never complain about my crazy kitty again. Mine can't come close to the weirdness of your cat.


You had my cat, Pudding. I have to think these kind of behaviors stem from weaning issues.

*part time cat psychiatrist*

Spencer (& Tommy)

haha, so great! My dog will do this to me too, if I lay down in the park. Grass is just tooo prickly I guess.


OK, I get that there is a cat on his ass, but what the heck is happening on his head!

Arloe from Regina

ArtemisPrime: Aaron has a mohawk- in both these pics his mohawk is down (ie: unstyled), hence the unusual looking hair.


I am crying-laughing right now...I can just see this cat doing all those crazy things...


those jeans are NOT doing his ass any favours.

Arloe from Regina

Margot: To be fair his ass is right up close to he camera, so the jeans are probably not to blame for his ass looking huge - its just the angle. He is not really pear-shaped in real life.

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