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May 16, 2009


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Head like a Hole!

Sorry, got distracted for a second.

You're guinea pig has a lovely haircut.


Sorry to hear that things went to shit. Love the background of your photo.


i'd rather die than give u control

=) also distracted

and he left u the socks? bass turd


Sorry to hear that. Too bad this happened after IFS4YD. It would have made a great entry.

Jim (The Canuck One)

He was a leech who was slowly eating your soul and it's best he's gone.

I'd recommend signing him up for each and every late-night record commercial you can find.

Mud Duck

Woo Woo, First Avenue!! He was classless by the way.


I'm a 22-year-old male living vaguely near Minnesota...

Sorry to hear about that though, that's a bitch move on his part. I wouldn't do that to a girl I was dating - right after college? Come on.


Reminds me of the start of 'We need girlfriends'. They graduate, are moving their stuff into their new place and Tom gets dumped. Boo.


Sorry to hear the news but you are so much better off than being with a D-bag who would do that to you. Plus the 20's single life is WAY too great to waste!

Great background... Nice message to your ex, NIN says it best "You're going to get what you deserve".

Forget any revenge advice... Just live your life to the fullest! Crappy exes are exes for a reason and they don't deserve any part of you... Not even thoughts of them because otherwise they are still, however indirectly, in your life. And don't deserve to be.

Throw out the socks... It's past, he doesn't deserve to even have his socks in your life. I've had a few too many boyfriends, perhaps, but learned over time that the best way to get over their assholeness is to get rid of EVERYTHING. NO REMINDERS!! Don't even talk about him! No one who is that much of a jerk deserves his name on your lips.


id rather be dumped and die the death of your guinea pig than see nine inch nails.

widmer hefeweizen

Aww, boys are meanie heads. Just rejoice in the single life and know that you're hot and better off without him. Woooo.


He may be a butt, but at least he help load up your car. Heavy lifting is all exes are good for. I'd recommend donating the socks to goodwill- push some good karma out into the universe, and make a clean break! sorry about your guinea pig, though.


I think you should teach your ex a lesson by having revenge sex. Please call me at: 678-999-8212.


Haha, thanks everyone! I didn't expect to make it on here.


Hey, look at it this way, at least you didn't marry the d-bag! You are young, educated, attractive and now a little bit smarter.
P.S. Don't call Rick


Nine Inch Nails rules

widmer hefeweizen

Yeah, ditto to the "Don't call Rick" advice. I tried, and it's not real. LOL.


You tried to call it?? I'm scared... hold me.

Andrea Jo

For the record, Mandy's awesome background of Nine Inch Nails is outside the 7th Street Entry at 1st Ave... a music venue in Minneapolis.

I just thought I'd share that. At least she got to go out and have a (presumably) good time at 1st Ave.

CWC fans in MN, we should so get together.

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