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May 15, 2009



aw I feel so bad for you, Rae! If I could give you a job right now, I would!


sorry but the ebay page you requested does not exsist.

welcome to the club rachel. you, your husband, and like 10 million more americans are all in the same boat financially. and i'm very close behind you.


Contact Sallie Mae and arrange to have your payments reduced. They would rather get paid something than nothing. My sister just did it.



The last one expired.

Sallie Mae refuses to help me out. I've talked to everyone I can; phone jockeys, supervisors, and have even considered selling my soul the get them off my back. They refuse to budge. Their solution was to take the $600 a month payment and reduce it to $400 a month... and would not let me pay the $150 fee to go into forbearance again. Told me I no longer "qualified".



Rae. I hope you didn't go into teaching just because you thought there was a teacher shortage. I am just finishing my second year of teaching, and feel as if I will barely survive this year. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since I can remember and I am very passionate about education! So, please take my advice. If you are not 100% convinced that you were born to be a teacher, don't do it anymore. I know you have financial problems right now, but I don't like to see people wasting their energy in a job they hate. I hope everything works out for you eventually.


The thing is, I LOVE being a teacher. When I got my first degree, I thought I had to choose between Theater and Education (being a stupid 18 year old, I had no idea one could major in "Theater Education"). So going back to get a degree in teaching was a no-brainer for me. I didn't do it *just* because of the teacher shortage; in fact, because I live near the college, which is known for it's education program, I'm stuck in an area with a giant teacher surplus, which is most of my problem. Moving is an option, but not without reason (i.e. getting hired somewhere).

I'm bitter at the moment because I don't have a classroom or curriculia of my own; a postion in the school where I've been subbing for the last two months, for which I applied AND kissed ass, was fillled without my even getting an interview. So I'm wallowing in self pity for a few days(read: weeks) until school's out and I have 8 hours a day to devote, once again, to the job search.


As a lesson to everyone out there...

This is why you NEVER take on student loan debt unless it is DIRECTLY from the government. Student loan debt can not be bankrupted so these companies that deal in it can pretty much act however they want. On the other side, your credit is shot, your job is temporary, and by the time they garnish your wages you will be in another position because it still requires a court action to do that, so tell them to kiss your ass and don't pay them. Of course, that will catch up with you when you get a job at a place you will actually stay at, but hopefully you will be able to actually pay something then too.

Btw, if your grades were actually decent then you might want to look into teaching in inner city schools because the programs pay very well pay off your student loan in most cases and are pretty much always looking for people qualified to teach science. Its not that there isn't teaching jobs its that those jobs are normally in places no one would actually want to teach.


yikes...that makes me feel better. Since I can't get into art school, I won't pile up any more debt, and then have a useless degree. Thanks Rae for brightening up my day just a little with your misfortune!


Rae wins! I feel most sorry for her, after myself, of course... Although Chris apparently did not think my woes "post worthy". Perhaps because I did not submit a photo of my life after being born in a wagon of a travelin' show? You know, same old story - one you've heard a thousand times... I was born in a wagon of a travelin' show. My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw. Grandpa, he'd do whatever he could. Sometimes he'd preach a little gospel, other times sell a bottle of Dr Good...

Woe is me.




You can have your loans deferred. "Economic hardship" is a valid excuse. Mine are on deferment for a whole year! ^-^ Just call the number on your bills.


Hello... we are apparently the same person...even down to the thyroid trouble going untreated. Substitute? Not anymore, I refused to be abused by hateful youngsters. Except my useless degree is a BA in Anthropology. Anyone want it? I barely qualified to teach social studies! I'm back to school myself to be a nice, quiet accountant.... good luck.


Rachel, if you read this... and don't mind moving, try coming to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are in the midst of a horrible teacher shortage. (I'm a teacher, too.) In fact, there are areas of Mississippi that will pay for your masters degree if you'll teach in a shit hole for two years (while getting paid...) and rent and cost of living is pretty reasonable. Just trying to spread the love! Good luck and I hope you got a t shirt!


Sweet jayzuz, Chris, send this poor thing a free tee!

Lady in red

Living with family, or friends can help you out financially...but it will make you gain 50 pounds and cry while you're commuting, because there isn't anywhere to cry in your crampped living conditions.


Chris I think Rae AND her unemployed husband deserve free t-shirts.


selling sex is really big right now! this one girl made like 5 million


Trust me.... I've already lamented that I gave away my virginity for free. That's why the diploma went on eBay instead.


everyone starts at the bottom. in your case it's subsitute teaching.
you wanna defer loans--join the peace corps and do something useful for humaity.

i am sick and tired of this IFSFYD, which is one freeaking day a year, and now everyone keeps complaining about their miserable lives. what's wrong with your people? DO SOMETHING!!!! STOP COMPLAINING!


Doesn't anyone understand starving artist means ya gonna starve sister.


i'm an artist, a musician, and in the middle of a bachelor of fine arts... i'm not starving and don't have to pay back my student loans if i get a job with the government in my field (which i've already got lined up). Move to canada, suckers...


teacher =/= starving artist. Or did I miss something? Because from what I read, she got the second degree to keep from starving.

Sounds like she's *doing* everything she despite a rough situation. INFS4YD is *to feel sorry for yourself for a day*. Whining about your shitty life is kinda the point...


Dammit, Chris! Give this girl and her man t-shirts! They probably dont have clothes anymore by now.


Yeah, if you think special ed is all about 'wiping up drool', it doesn't sound like working with any children is your calling. In fact, please don't.


Jebus.... sarcasm. Try it.

Do I think Special Ed is all about wiping up drool? Of curse not. As stated, I am not Special Ed certified. I have learned a lot about myself by working with these children, and for the most part, I have enjoyed it. However, I don't think it's doing these special needs students any favors by having non-certified long term subs in their classroom. I don't have all the same tools at my disposal should something I'm doing in the classroom be unsuccessful or not at their cognitive level. Also, in addition to disrupting their routines just by stepping in, changing teaching styles mid-year has been tough on a few of them, though we have largely persevered over these last 7 weeks.

Am I grateful for having the opportunity to work with children? Hell yes. But the district's policy, in my opinion, needs to change, since these students (and many others) could potentially be stuck with a sub who isn't even certified to *teach*, let alone be certified in the students' particular needs.

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