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May 05, 2009



my cupboards are covered in paw prints from miss thing sliding down them when getting back down.I could WASH them off but i think they look cute went the sun hits them the lil paw prints shine...


She looks like she has a Groucho mustache! She's adorable!


Reluctance to use handles? I count six... two on the jugs at the extreme left, then another on the water filter immediately to their right, then another on the even bigger jug immediately to the right again, another on the kettle and the last one on the cooker!


Kitchen Cat is neglecting her duties of cleaning the kitchen! Once she's done with yours, please send her to me as mine is about 5 times as cluttered (at least...).

Domestic Goddess I am not.


Looks like Kitchen Cat is neglecting his duties of cleaning the kitchen!

When he's done, please send him to me as my kitchen counters are at least 5 times as cluttered as yours...

Domestic Goddess? I think not.

... PS - why the hell do some comments "Stick" and others get lost? Is it just me? I smell conspiracy... And foot odor. Who the hell is that??


Of course, NOW it shows up just to make me look like an ass.

At least I don't smell like one.

Freaking blogs.


That is the smallest stove/oven I have ever seen! Cute cat also ;)


Hahaha! Thats awesome.

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