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May 04, 2009



I'd say this is proof. There is /some/ resemblence.


total proof. and also i am so jealous that you have such stylin relatives. what do they look like today. supa-fresh.

Leanne from BC

Lindsay, I'm sorry I doubted you... please forgive me. You are awesome.


This cute girl has proven us all wrong. Shame on us, SHAME ON US. :)


Don't know looks like it, but the two small pic's are a little blurred.

Kris Barnett

Okay, looks fairly conclusive to me. It's legit.


Yep she has the proof, Chris you must now publicly apologize.

Karl G.


I would love to see them in person now

get some newer photos

and yeah

that seems really REALLY real


haha proof, shame on you chris :P

Drake Magnum

not guilty!
Justice DM says Lindsay is to be released from scorn prison.


is it real proof ?
she could edit them by photoshop =P


I'd count that as proof. Lindsay wins... what she wins, I'm not sure. But she definitely wins it.

Jack Luke

I call ink jet bitches.


Still not enough proof for me because the picture of Lindsay holding the pictures seems manipulatet she could have printet the picturesfrom the webside she stole them from and cut them in right size. We need to know whats about the cat´s. Are they still alive? Does she have more pictures of her aunt and uncle with the cats?

Henrik Kragh

I'd say it's close to proof. Yeah sure, she could had photoshoped the hell out of the pic. But it looks real to me.
The girl sitting on them is definitely her....

Rachel Elisabeth

Please. She just printed those out with a photo printer.


i think she's definitly the litlle girl on the picture. but i can count the pixels in the pictures..
i don't know, i think i wan't a more recent photo.. this is a litle weird, why not recent photo's?


YEP thats proof enough for me!


OK, I'm a believer!


yeah, but what does your uncle look like now, Lindsay?

BTW, i never doubted you!
i just can't stop laughing over the hair!!!!!


It's Legit!


That's proof enough for me. And Lindsay you have to understand that here at Cute With Chris people try to fool us all the time so now we're skeptical of everyone and it's hard finding friends and....oh save it for IFSYD fine I will.


I checked around to a few websites (ones that catered to couples/pets/big hair) and wasn't able to find these pics. So, either Lindsay is REALLY freaking good at finding these obscure pictures or they are real.

I'm going with real.


ooo she wins!


Bullshit on proof, you can see that it is obviously shooped. Look at the border around the picture in her right hand (our left.)

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