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May 01, 2009



I think it would help if we knew what Lindsay looks like to see if their is any resemblance. Otherwise, this photo looks too perfectly cheesy to be really her relatives.


No way! This is from the Sexy People website!


Nope, no way. NOT!!



Just kidding, I just wanted to say it because, inevitably, someone always ends up saying it.

Like when some one thought I photoshopped the picture I sent Chris of my parent's cat, Juanita the laser cat, into their own living room/kitchen by their own stairs. Why would I do that? If I was going to photoshop her somewhere, wouldn't I pick someplace better than the same house she lives in? Some place like the moon or something?


What's up with the plural portraits there? If there's really more than one, I'm guessing it's her family. I like his 'stache, and her enthusiasm. But my favorite part is the Prince of Darkness kitty.


I call bullshit. If it were her aunt and uncle wouldn't she give the names of at least the family members, if not the cats? No back story, I say BS.


I don't care if it's Lindsay's aunt and uncle. I'm just glad she shared this picture with us! It made me smile, and after the shitty day I had, I really neede... what? Save it for IFSFY Day? Okay. I've been stockpiling them all year anyway...


LOVE IT! Who cares if it's not her aunt and uncle? Though if she wants to prove it, a good way would be to send us a more recent pic of them and their current pets. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!


Well, someone's gotta be related to these two crackpots...

Leanne from BC

i want her to prove it! send us a picture of you HOLDING the picture!!!

but, even if its not her family, its still awesome.


blows the theory that people look like their pets. She should be sitting with a poodle or a pugh and he should have....hmmmm.. a red setter.


More pictures of Aunt and Uncle for proof?




I don't care if it's not Lindsay's family - it is the freakiest thing I have seen in a long time. I never thought the Eighties would out of date - how wrong I was.


i agree w/ lyndizzle... it's too hard to call w/ out other pics of this girl's aunt and uncle. that said, it DOES look like a picture that was scanned in, so it has to be SOMEONE'S real picture ~ not photoshop.


Who knows. But this picture is vivid proof that the 80s were wrong in EVERY way. Hipsters, take heed. You don't look ironic, or cute. You just look WRONG! But you make me giggle, so I forgive you.


Yeah, more pictures of this aunt and uncle are needed for verification of authenticity by the cult.


Authentic or not, these folks love their hairspray and their Siamese, ummhmmm.


Who cares? This is one of the best cat portraits I've seen.


More photos of aunt and uncle and her HOLDING all photos. Yep. That's what we need or the axe falls.


Where is Carm the crazy cat lady, I want her to guest host, I am tired of looking at these people and would like an update even if it is a guest host update.


God i hope they look VERY similar 20 years on, fingers crossed


...Lindsay's uncle's eyes stole the space from between Lindsay's aunt's eyes...


Okay, MAYBE they are "real"...they both have "incredible" hair in BOTH sets of photos! LOL! What is UP with that? I think she ought to post the 20 years LATER photos--you know, the ones where they are OLDER!


I don't know.. However, the guy looks like a future Eric Forman from that 70's show :)

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