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May 01, 2009



In case this thread is found millennia later after some unforseen apocalypse and the data in all later threads is corrupted making it impossible to get any closure on the matter, I would like to state here for the record that Lindsay produced the evidence required of her: A second photo of her aunt and uncle. PLUS a third photo of her holding the first two. It was an unexpected revelation that shook the Cute With Chris community to its very core. I wept openly. (ps. please find some of my dna and clone me back into existence. thanks.)


I say fake since she's got the "" logo tattooed across her aunt's boobies - my guess is it's covering up the photographer's logo.

Fake or real its still a great photo - I don't know what I love more, her hair or his 'stache.

...I think his 'stache is winning. :)


well damn - I guess I should have read all the posts before commenting.

Don't I feel silly.


I've known Lindsay for about 4 years and I can vouch. This is indeed her aunt and uncle. If her proof wasn't enough, I don't know what else is.


Oh-oh, Kristy, now you've done it. Prepare to be accused of being Lindsay's sock puppet. Required now will be photos of:

1. Yourself.
2. You and Lindsay.
3. You and Lindsay holding the notorious photographs of her aunt and uncle.
4. You, Lindsay, photographs, Lindsay's Aunt and Uncle as they appear today both wearing Cute With Chris T-shirts, laughing and pointing with envy at your Masters Degree in Pet Barf Animation.
5. You and Lindsay hanging with one of those celeb cutouts of Bruce Willis, the pair of you dressed up as Danny Aiello and Andie MacDowell from the 1991 box office flop Hudson Hawk.

Now you know why it's called the burden of proof.


I buy it. The resemblance between Lindsay and her aunt is there.


Yes, I must agree. The proof is there enough. I believe you Lindsay! (We Lindsay-Lyndsey-Lyndzi's gotta stick together.)

no didn't find anything...



the pics she is holding look like she just printed them off her computer & it doesnt look like some years later... if she sends in a CURRENT picture of the three of them together then ill believe her

lavon duthie

is that elaine boosler in the photo?


Umm, I think that guy is Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. Coincidence?

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