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May 09, 2009



there is nothing cuter in this world. i loves me some little tiny furry purry orange thing.


i've never seen a more destructive and annoying - sleepy little cutie...


"No pictures"


Your mom's kitteh might be really bored and is attacking her out of boredom / wanting to play.

Just make sure you introduce the two cats following a few simple rules ;)

My cat would bite us and be rough with us, when we got him a friend he got a lot more friendly towards us.

That video is so cute I'm diabetic now, thanks ;)


too much cute...i can't stand it!


Oh, you can just see the destruction oozing every pore in this video.


ya know a friskies ad might be up your alley


Thanks for posting my e-mail Chris! Sadly you did not mention that Hamish moved to a farm (hence the attacking horses) where he turns into a were-cat at night and destroys small villages during the day. But seriously. This kitten was evil.


...that looks pretty mild compaired to one of my mother's cats as a kitten. She climbed the backs of my legs like a tree... twice. She bit, scratched, etc. We couldn't keep toilet paper on the roll because she'd unravel the whole thing and drag it around the house. She's mellowed a lot, but is still kinda high-strung. Yesterday I made the mistake of saying something funny while holding her... my mother's laughter and clapping sent Cobweb TEARING her way out of my arms. Luckily I launched her safely to the floor before she really got me, but she did land a few scratches.


Sorry Fuzzbutt, but climbing up the back of your legs was a 5 times a day deal with this cat. And he was quick! He's get all the way to my neck before someone would pry him off. As for clawing everything was fair game. The couch, the curtain, my mothers face while she napped.... We tried to train him by spraying water on him, but he's just keep going. My dad's a vet so he recommended we use watered down ammonia, which didn't work either. We even tried the vaccuum! Evil Evil kitty....

Lauren H.

is he still bad??? because i have a cat that sounds just like this!!! I want to know that my future can have hope!


i like him!


To Lauren. No, no, no. He never became a nice sweet kitty. He lives on a farm now, killing everything and running from humans.


that kitten is so sweet:) kittens have amazing healing power.. i hope your mom will be ok and live a long time.

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