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May 20, 2009



I used to have a female ferret that we named Zack before we knew she was a girl. We kept the name. I stated to call her Zacky!


.... With a 'ZEE" !!!! : )


Do you happen to be a fan of Liza Minnelli? Or was it just a coincidence?

peanut287 did you 'find' his balls? more importantly how did he lose his balls? geez don't trip on the cat balls hehe


Male or female, that kitty is gorgeous! May I have it?? I'll trade you a stick of gum and some lint-covered marbles, even!


If the cat was originally named after Liza Minelli, then balls are entirely appropriate.


Um, still waiting for an answer. Can I have the cat or not? Hold on... Let me see if I can sweeten the deal...

(fishes through refrigerator...)

How 'bout some eggnog and half a tuna sub from Jon Smith?? I'll throw in a couple of ping-pong balls, as well (although it might take me a while to figure out why they are in my refrigerator...).

Hit me up!


Due to your lack of communications (no news is good news), I assume that you agree to the trade.

I will be in San Diego this weekend to pick up my new cat. I overnight accommodations to include fresh bath towels and a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal.

Additionally, I will throw in a basketball.


oops, that should have read that I EXPECT overnight accommodations.

Hopefully your cat is more detail-oriented than I am. He'll need those skills in order to work in the sweat shop -- I mean -- cat .. modeling .. contract ... yeah COMMERCIALS, yes the commercials that I have lined up for him here at his new home.


My plane lands at 4:30...


Wow I definitely didn't check CWC recently. I am ashamed at my lack of diligence.
No you cannot have Wiggles! He enjoys clawing my hands off too much for me to let him go. And I'm really bad at basketball, so the addition of such a product does nothing to persuade me to give up my kitten.
And to answer the third and fourth questions, we got him from a rescue - he was in a foster home and that mom named him, yes, after Liza Minelli. But when she took him to the vet, they pointed out that he was, in fact, a man.

Donna Palmer

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