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May 26, 2009



Do it, Chris.

This could totally be a "special episode" of CWC with guest stars and everything...

...or it could be the biggest mistake of your life.

That's the fun of it, though.


I don't know... They have the crazy cat photo over the bed... You know what they say about people with cat portraits (but we dare not speak it aloud or... you know... the hatchet!).

Now if you would ever get your ass to South Florida, I may not invite you to stay at my house (hotels are way too much fun to stay in a frigging house!) but I will take you to the best snorkeling sites!! Maybe add some underwater types of cute to your site?
And here you don't have to worry about being drowned by kelp (almost happened to me when I lived in LA as a kid) or being mistaken for an abalone and having your head smashed against a rock by a sea otter. No, sirree. Here in Florida, all you have to worry about are sharks and barracuda!

See? Much better.

Oh... And rip tides... and boats hauling illegals in from Haiti... and sea lice... and voyeurs (the water IS pretty clear... you and the GF best be warned... because you KNOW you want to try it!)

PS - it chafes.


That is the home of s erial killer. You will die. DO NOT DO IT.


Where will his girlfriend sleep? And Colty, what about Colty?


Not to be too rude, but ... I find David and Katie's taste to be a bit provincial. That wee, little twin bed for a cult leader? A cardboard cat cut-out as bed decor? That banal poster over the bed? Ceramic cat like clutter spread about the living room and on the mantle? A chunky alien cat in the middle of the table?

Oh no! This won't do.


wot about the...basement? any escape windows? hiding something?dont do it Chris, unless the offer includes breakfast and the morning paper...


You should do it Chris, this seems legit.


I think they photoshopped that cat into the main photo, that or it's a dead cat they stuffed like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Staying with strangers could be really awkward, like a morning robe slip or loud monkey sex going on and thin walls.


The seem like a nice couple, complete with a Murder Cat and all the mod-con CCL accoutrements. You can always sleep with a bell tied to the bedroom door handle, although I am guessing you WILL wake up with the Murder Cat sitting on your chest contemplating your demise ......


I was thinking to myself that cat on the pillow looks photoshopped on... then I clicked to view the larger image LOL


How can you say no?!


The candles on the mantelpiece lend a suitably cult-ish touch. Go for it, Chris.


I don't see how you can turn this down.


First thing that comes to mind is Stephen King's Misery... good luck Chris.


You should totally stay with them Chris!!!! That is a fab place to stay for the King of Kitty Cat Blogging.


don't be afraid ... be very afraid.

... I say, go for it.


Free is free!


Chris, if you go to their house, you'll walk in, it will be dark, there will be a very bright spotlight on a red leather chair in the middle of the room. Sitting in the chair would be the CCL, stroking her crazy Murder Cat with her hand, staring up at you. She will say, "Welcome to our home."
You will turn to run, but hundreds of cats, big and small, will surround you, meowing loudly. Your heart will beat quickly and you'll run, jumping over them-but, oh no! One of the larger cats has grabbed hold of your jeans with it's razor sharp claws. It will slowly start skinning you and the CCL will use your skin for her next chair.

I have an overactive imagination.


Tell them you'll sleep on the mattress, but you can only poop at home.

In the morning, tell them you dreamt the closet was home.

Oh, and ask the husband if he cries during sex.

Larry Here

Nice Workingman's Dead reference, Chris. But this place appears to be in Victoria, not in Fenario. Crash there and enjoy the ambiance.


Yes and that's a cardboard cat, not a dire wolf 600 pounds of sin. I'd say go for it.

@ Larry, I am so glad someone else saw that reference! I've had that song in my head since I saw the subject.


I have that same sort of lamp right next to me. My husband's mother gave it to us. It's very heavy. Forget all the CCL decor, worry about the lamp.


also thinking Misery...mind the glass figures n u shoould b fine...


Will his visit include a tabby cat on his pillow, a la a chocolate? I say go for it.



The return to the main page is broken when you look at more pictures of the house. It leads to WHO IS THIS CHIS?!

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