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May 17, 2009





A tree than bears cat fruit? Amazing!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

I used to want a scratching post for myself when I was little. I wanted to sit inside them and act like a cat.

And now, today, I dress up as one.

I want THIS scratching post. The ones I find all SUCK. Where'd you get it?

Sally 39teen

Wow. Carm you are awesome! I think you've earned another guest edit with this sunflower cat whackness. It's hard to pick but I think Joy and Sunny are my favorites.


That cat tree is fantastic, and your cats are as glorious as ever!


i want to be carm when i grow up.

CCL Wendy

All hail to the Queen of CCL's! Those kitties are so lucky you're their mama to spoil them like that.


I am SO jealous!


Congrats to Chris on his podcast- I was fortunate enough to be in the audience in Toronto and I loved Bye Bye Cake as well!

This is where I ordered the cat tree/flower.

It's amazing! He had a 20% off special a few weeks back. More pics of it on my blog...


*Applause* for getting all 8 cats in one picture.


Awesome! Or as Carm would likely say:


i love you!!! I hope to one day also be a CCL . my brother said he would get me my first of many cats on my birthday !! YAY!!


Fantastic! How did you get the cats to stay? Tape? This picture is amazing.


Amazing!! But I have to ask, with all those long-haired cats -- do you have to replace your vacuum cleaner every month or so??


What do u mean - somebody stop this woman?
Don't u mean - ENCOURAGE this woman???? & all other CCLs???

Careless & carefree

Why do I suddenly have the urge to say
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, come down from your tower"???


Wonderful to see all 8GR8 cats on their new sunflower tree. It's nice to see a cat
tree that doesn't look like a stack of carpeted boxes for a change! The kitteh kidz obviously love it. I want to come back in my next life as one of Carm's kittehs!
They've got it good!


Carm must spend a lot of time cleaning out the cat litter.


yes, please guest again for chris!!!


I can't even imagine how much it took her to get all the cats in one picture, even though one of the petals is empty


I can't breathe...


That's so CCL!!!! You've really out done yourself!!1 Carm you're my hero!!! Your cats are all beautiful.


getting ready for Chrismas?

Melissa H.

Wow. They should have you test cat furniture. You'd know it's sturdy if it has the "Carm approved" label on it.


Someday I'll have a job again and then maybe I'll be able to buy one of those kitteh sunflowers ... I'd like to see all *TEN* of mine on it at once! Way to go, Carm, for getting all 8 of 'em in the picture!

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