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May 30, 2009



Those LUCKY Victorians are in for a BIG TREAT! The rest of your cult all over the world sends you BEST SHOW EVER vibes!


Muita merda Chris!


Cant wait!
Hopefully Ill be able to go, its about time someone came to Victoria!

Chris in Guelph

I'm so thrilled for you guys! The Toronto show rocked (both times).. You're in for an amazing time!


Ahhh the white suit! Have a great show Chris!

Spencer (&Tommy)

Awesome! Will the show be taped?


Awesome Chris! I'm excited you're getting this back up and running, I know you have a load of fun with it, and also the viewers! Make sure to post videos from the stage!!!


Groovy wood paneling

A Person

Thank YOU for coming to my hometown.


We look forward to having our minds blown! See ya there.


I soo can't wait!!


Lucky you, Victoria, you're in for a great time! Best of luck with the show, Chris!


check your email chris!
theres an offer for a police escort to the show

Sarah aka KB

Ooh, shiny shoes and a shiny suit - the audience will need shades! Break a leg Chris!


Not related to any of them Canadiaians, but I found one of the coolest CCL Shirts, ever.


V dapper white suit Chris. I'm sure the show was a hit.


The show was Marvelous!!! Chris has such great stage presence. It's a tight, well written show. My only complaint was it was too short. When he was done, no one wanted to leave their seats. Confetti Rocks! Thanks Chris, for making my dreams live again.

Sara & Kilgour Trout

Hey Chris,
Great show tonight ~ thanks for making laser beams shoot out of the butts of my cat and my baby on the big screen.
It's a moment of fame and glory that I will tell my son about when he is older (older than 5 weeks).
Sara, Sam, and K. Trout


The show was great.
Dante (my cat) was duly told that all his dreams were dead as his picture didn't appear. I'm sorry to say it had no impact on his desire to know if it was now time to feed the cat.
Looking forward to the story hour tomorrow. Hope you have a chance for some downtime/holiday time while you're in town.
Again - really enjoyed the live show.


I was there!!!! He gave us a free button! It was so sweet to get a free souvenir. It was a hilarious show - I brought my mom and she laughed throughout the whole thing. I was a little sad when Chris said that he spends a lot of time alone - my mom said that he was embellishing to make a good story (I hope so). The whole show was tight. He crammed in tons of stories. Good reminder about older foster children needing adoption.


have fun Chrisssssss!!! :D


All the best Chris!!!

"Rompete una pierna".


'honor'? Chris I thought you were Canadian, we spell it honour, honor is much to short.

Good luck with your Victoria show, I'm really sad that I can't make it but Calgary is just a little to far away :(


We sat in the front row center. We would have travel far to see you. As it turned out, the theater was three blocks away. Chris, your well balanced show combined humour with heart warming stories and led the audiance on a short tour of your interesting world. Ok, one last comment from the so called murders. With all respect, go bigger now Chris! Go on tour! Go big! People are traveling far to see you, do 20 cities! I'ts ready and so are you! Carpe Cute Chris! Carpe Cute!


Does Carpe Cute translate to "seize the cute"?

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