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May 24, 2009



So did you kick the cat back out again? Who's taking care of it for 6 wks? I must say, I'm inspired by your quick action.


not sure what the link is between finding a cat in your house and your only known french word. you sound a little odd to me. could be you will be a furture CCL?


the look on the cat's face is priceless! it's as if s/he's saying: "really? you REALLY thought you'd keep me out? nice try, human..."


@kayce I know right. I was just thinking that. It's a cute kitty though. How's it being taken care of while you're gone?


So, cute-as-a-button magical Houdini cat makes its way into your house, and you thank it for the inspiration and proceed to abandon it?

You're 24? That's a good age to stop being so selfish.


Im in Paris now and my roommate and neighbor have been taking care of her. i miss her though, little smokey the cat. there are also lots of crazy stray cats here, especially in the graveyards. like ghost cats.


i dont really get what the link is either, can you please explain, Kim?


there is obviously a much longer story about paris (which has to do with all the clothes on the bed (moving)). just know that she is a special cat who made my day.

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