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May 19, 2009



Since the Stuff You Should Know podcast is already ahead of CLSH, I don't feel bad recommending it: check it out-- it really is great! Knowing stuff is good.


umm... the cult has been working behind the scenes for you. we love your new show.


but it's good stuff and there are a lot of us who haven't heard the stories until now.

whoops, sincere concise comment hour.


Seriously Good. And enlightening. But I think I'm the only scientist fan you might have. Also one of the only heterosexual male. Well, one of the few. I really enjoyed these stories Chris.




so we get a field trip? right? B) nothing fancy I'm sure everyone would settle on Victoria, BC May 31 ish


Congratulations on this, Chris! But, you shouldn't be so surprised - your cult is quite dedicated, and for good reason. Your stories, writing ability and wit are incredible.


I'm not at all surprised! I sent the link to every single Crazy Cat Lady on my mailing list and some regular people too. I got great feedback about the hilarity of them. It's an honor and a privilege to be one of your "characters"!

Chris in Guelph


You're number 3 on the Canadian iTunes! You rock! Congrats!


Yay :D
Go, Chris, go!!!


Congrats, you deserve it.


I enjoyed them so much so that I was surprised you didn't employ itunes to make a few bucks off your works. I would gladly fork over the pocket change itunes charges per track to have a little extra of your comedic stylings in my life. Plus I would get to feel much better about myself for giving a little back to the one who has so charitaby kept us all entertained thus far. Now that I think about it... HOW DARE YOU deprive us of this opportunity to pay you for your goods and services! I'm unsubscribing! Only I'm not. Because I'm addicted. Shit.


You kick Stuart Mclean's Vinyl Cafe ass.

Ms Amanda

Both are great. Today I was stuck on bus full of obnoxious preteens when I realized I hadn't loaded them to my iPod. I was so upset! It was my ENTIRE plan to drown out the screeching voices with your dreamy one....
I had to settle for music. I was so sad.


WHOHOHOO!!!! way to go!!! i am so happy you deserve it!!!


You're number one now!

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