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May 02, 2009


Brianna is so sad...

you are having the show in my own backyard literally 4 days before I get home...



I have my tickets! I finally get to see a show. Yeah.


Ah crap guys! Anybody have advice on the cheapest/easiest way to get from Seattle to Vancouver + hotel for three people and the car? I am thinking ferry from Anacortes... Suggestions eh?


Still disappointed I can't go, but feeling less like a sucky little bitch about it. Wanted to say thanks, man, for keeping the show alive. I'm sure everyone there will have an awesome time.


You are so crazy Chris.
Come to Vancouver!!!


Chris is working for the tourism department in Canada- getting you to cross the border and spend your USDs-$$$! We happily drove to Toronto! Explained to the border agent that we'd be seeing CWC-LIVE and having to explain what it was... CONGRATS to the people of Victoria, BC- and everyone who decides to go- you are in for a great time!


YAY!!!!! I live in Victoria! In fact, I live down the street from the theatre!!! I'm SO excited!!!! :D :D


It's a ferry ride away guys, man up and take it over. Everyone on vancouver island has to take the ferry over for most performances and anything else that's interesting. There are ferries from both vancouver AND seattle, so just take them over if you're interested in going.


Aww wtf man...can you not bring it to Vancouver instead!? Ugh..I guess I'll come...


Thank you soo much for coming to Victoria! I was so shocked when I found out! I've recently become a hobo/grad student so traveling far from the island is beyond hope for the next couple years... I'm trying to initiate everyone I work with into the far Ive got a couple of converts. Cant wait!


Ya Missed Mardi Gras
and now Jazz Fest... I guess nothing will motivate you to do a show in New Orleans:(

Le Chat Noir theater awaits... still... all my dreams are dead, you'll probably never come here because you fear the crime and the red necks! Red Necks are people too!

Anyway, hurricane season is starting soon, best wait till after November.


That's a bit far away for me to go to, sadly, but have a good show, Chris.


whoo hoo local show!!! i've proudly got my ticket and can't wait for the show!!


Chris! I am so sorry I gave up on you for at least 2 weeks.
I will never doubt my lord ever again.
I will be there in my t-shirt even if I have to swim the georgia strait.

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