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June 16, 2009



bring me all the orange furry purry things!


Do my eyes spy a handicapped-space marker right where the dog is laying?!


Did you have a tour guide that could speak Greek?

mighy zeidy

Oh I've been to Greece too! The country, culture, people, traditions, everything is amazing & beautiful!! How long were you over there? BUT they do have poor homeless cats & dogs everywhere!! So sad! In Athens I'd buy snacks & feed them to the strays. It was so heartbreaking that I couldn't resist-despite the stares I got from people. On the island of Crete friends & I "adopted" a one-eyed cat that hung around. We'd sneak it into the pension. It was awful leaving it but the shop keepers next door cared for it too. So, hopefully it continued to live happily. In case anyone is interested & would want to help the strays, contact It's a group that works to relieve the suffering of Greeks animal friends.


You haven't lived until you've fed bits of meat to kittens outside the museum at Delphi. It starts with one cute little thing and then escalates to a hoard of them crawling all over you while the other tourists laugh and point.


I wish I could go to Greece! :(

mighty zeidy

I hear that, ruth! But how can one resist?! Especially when some of them are rough looking...


Do you really think there aren't any strays where you live? Just because they've been 'taken care of' it doesn't mean that they don't exist.


WHO is guest editing? I know it's not Chris because Chris can spell states correctly.

What the heck is going on? If it's someone other than Chris, at least STATE so in order not to scare off any potential new cult members.


Yes, we did have a tour guide that spoke Greek! His name was Michaelis...he was kind of creepy >_>
And we were there for 10 days!

mighy zeidy

You're right, Dialecti. Unfortunately, there are strays everywhere. It's awful. Local rescues are bursting at the seams, which is why everyone should spay/neuter their pets, never let pets roam unsupervised, & donate and/or volunteer at their local rescue(s). If everyone did their parts, maybe there wouldn't be so many strays.


Connecticut is spelt with one 'T'

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