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June 01, 2009



is there at least going to be a new story hour? :( Its okay though I'm sure your busy with your shows Good Luck with that Sir!!!

We must combat the gloves!!!



Also, that's a very pretty shade of blue. BUT IT LOOKS BAD ON YOU, GLOVES.



Also, that's a pretty shade of blue. BUT IT LOOKS AWFUL ON YOU, GLOVES!


And apparently I posted twice... Oh well. I just hate gloves *that* much.


Fucking gloves stole the "Who's Cuter" title from my dog Oakly back in '08. While I must say, Brad Pitt really did make rubber gloves famous and slightly alluring in Fight Club, I still fucking hate them!!


You know, quite often for me, the alternative to wearing gloves is having my hands covered with shit or blood. So I kind of have to stand up for gloves.


i'm standing up for gloves too! 5 years ago today, i had some major lung surgery. i sure an glad the medical staff was wearing gloves, or i wouldn't be here now.
thanks gloves, you saved my life! i love you!

Nurse Ratchet

I'm with Mel & Leslie on this one.
Thank you Gloves, my blue nitrile latex & powder free friends.
Without you, I'd have noxious bodily discharges on my hands, among other foul things we don't need to discuss in the morning.

Long Gone

Video? This site has video's?


Tis true though. I've had many surgeries and gloves seem to save my life. So... I guess I don't *fucking* hate them. I just think they're sort of ugly.


Unattractive yellow gloves save me from the scalding hot water that comes out of my kitchen sink when I need to wash the dishes. It's fun to hate things.

Ivy Savage

This is the ivy who, together with Jeanine had a party for, "International Feel Sorry for Yourself Day." (Which ended up as International Feel Sorry for Ivy MONTH.)
Should we be planning a party for tonight? Jeanine is an EMT AND HATES GLOVES. They are all over the apartment and used for cleaning, etc. Hey, at least they're free!

Jeanine IFS4YD Denitto

no, i love gloves they protect me from infectious disease on the job. yucky body fluids! sorry folks hurrah for PPE! (ummm, personal protective equipment?? that doesn't include condoms--fortunately i've never had to use those ON THE JOB. ugh!)

love jeanine


Gloves are just elastic jackasses. I had a really, really distant friend that went into surgery for something and left with pain. It turned out that one of the idiots at the hospital left his glove in him. Well I'm throwing down the gauntlet at gloves. You’re a bitch gloves, go to hell. Suck it gloves.

Jeanine IFS4YD Denitto

ha the nurse or tech or doc or whomever left the gloves in your friend should have gloves shoved into his or her rectum. lol.

Gay Bear Homer

I had to wear a glove on my right hand last week because I had developed digmata (a big blister in the center of my palm while doing archaeological excavations). I am ashamed that for a couple of days I was the Michael Jackson of archaeologists.

Nurse Ratchet

Esther, we've all been on both sides of the glove... they have their purposes. I am happy you're alive and well enough to say how much you hate them.


Man, I have to wear those idiotic things all the time. Stupid work with stupid skin-ablating materials. They refuse to fit right, because they want me think I am a misshapen monster.


Wool isn't fabric.

Latex isn't fabric.

Lor Blitzer

Hey you guys I can't get any of my posts to ever go through!!!!!!!!!! *running around screaming*

I thought it was the computer, then I thought it was me, now I think it is a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lor Blitzer

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about IT!

All the News for all that's Cute
Breaking News

Toronto, CANADA - Many, many people were delighted this weekend in the small, northerly hovel known to most as Toronto, as fans of cult God, rock star, tough guy and shunner of cuteness Chris Leavins, unleashed The Story Hour, part II or III ?!
However, there is strong evidence that the show may have to be cancelled for EVER, after it came to the attention of Toronto Authorities’ that Mr. Leavins might have been arrested in Tennessee for crimes against decency. Deputies in Tennessee said that the man caught burglarizing a home wearing only a woman’s thong may indeed have been Mr. Leavins.
This news has sent ripples *…of lust…* through the Culty internet community and a possible uprising from fans at the Metro Studio in Toronto if the show is cancelled.
For three days now, barely breaking to eat, sleep and relieve herself, Super Nova had this to say about the rumors “I feel very strongly about this, wait I think I see the image of Jesus in this here cupboard…”
As you can see the stress from the possible charges against CWC Culty GOD is more than/then this follower can handle.
The Toronto News Sentinel reported the man reportedly being Chris Leavins was released from a Tennessee jail on May 21 after being arrested with another Cult Icon, Chuck Norris, for indecent property crimes.
Chuck Norris had this to say, *…right before he roundhouse kicked me in the head…ouch Chuck…that really hurt…* “I don’t break the law…I am the LAW! And The Chris Leavins Story Hour will never be cancelled while I am ALIVE!”
Well there you have it folks, we will be bringing you updates on this breaking news story.
Lor Blitzer Signing Off


Um... Gloves keep my hands warm and keep them from being chapped in the wintertime. Also, I use them to protect my hands from the grossness when I clean my toilet. So in their honor, I must defend you gloves.


We thought your ship had been lost at sea!!! Come back to us!!! WE NEED YOU!!
Click my name for the link!
FIND US!!!!!!


This morning it was so cold out that I briefly considered wearing gloves. (Yes, even in Canada we expect vaguely summer-like weather on June 1.) Then I realized that the weather was just a horrid example of gloves' all-pervasive influence, trying to get me to shake a (gloved) fist at IIHGD. They can even change the weather! Don't take it sitting down! Shirk your gloves today!

Jesse from Canada

I LOVE GLOVES!!!!!!!!!! THERE SO GLOVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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