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June 19, 2009



Yes, of course. This makes perfect sense. What child wouldn't love the corpses of rodents bought off the internet. This is the ingenuity that makes America.


I... I don't even know what to say.


Is this for real?


F*ck me, I want those hamsters! You could probably dress them up for the holidays - like a little dead hamster nativity scene. I guess you really can find anything for sale on Craigslist. What I want to know is...what price did they fetch?


This is the scariest thing I've seen in a long time.


That's super creepy and any parent who buys their child a dead hamster may save money on food and such but will need to spend that money on therapist bills so there's no winner in this situation.


I'd to thank Chris for making it look like *I* am the one with the taxidermied hamsters to sell.

I'm not. BUT it was freaking hilarious to read after just getting up.
Thank goodness the "Joe Buzzy" at the end was included.
Also, I'd like to note I sent that email yesterday, hows that for a machine? Thanks Chris!

Einna Sedor

I'm sorry, but that is REALLY messed up. If your kid isn't responsible enough to take care of another living soul, then DON'T BUY THEM in the first place. That is extremely negligent. It's second degree hamslaughter. That's not teaching your kid anything but that an animal's life isn't as important and it's no big deal if they die. "Oops, it died. Oh well." Nice.

Most of the time, children ten and younger are not responsible enough and have not mentally developed sufficently to take care of a pet, and should only be allowed to do so with a great deal of responsible adult supervision. It makes me sick when I see a parent buying their grabby, sticky, irresponsible kids a pet. It may seem like what they want, but if you know your kids aren't at the stage where they can take care of it, it's just animal cruelty and you're not doing anybody any favors.

It's also irresponsible of pet stores to sell small animals to said familys knowing full well that hamster or what have you will be dead within a month. It's sick. But obviously people would get up in arms and decry the "unfairness" of a system that actually made sure animals were going to good homes, and THAT surely wouldn't be good for the bottom line, so such a system will probably never happen.



I'm grossed out but I can't help wanting one..badly. ....i would put it in my mommy's bed every night before she went to sleep.



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