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June 29, 2009


Courtney in Arkansas

Chris, I love it when you take over the site with animal pictures (i.e. Dante or CCL Carm's kitties) because it is funny.

But posting pictures of a teenage girl is quite boring.

To make up for this, post pictures of black dogs for a day.


famewhores. <3


Alana, your desperation is tedious. Enough!


We feel your pain, Chris. We feel it severely, intensely, and distressingly.

maggie (crazy panda bike lady)

Is there anything in the world more obnoxious than a bored 15 year old?


kay its a picture of my rat and it just so happens im in the background.
and SO WHAT if im attention seeking your just going to have to put up with it :)


I'd have to agree with maggie though, 15 year olds are very annoying :P


Need attention much?


yes i need A LOT OF ATTENTION :)


I have to thank you Alana. Because of annoying people like you who feel like being a pain in the ass to get your 15 minute of fame makes you cute, Chris doesn't have the time to write new material for CWC or Story Hour. Do you realize the amount of time it takes to read all those emails? To post stuff to his website? IT ADDS UP. So thank you for wasting Chris' time and webspace. Us millions of viewers will kindly wait for interesting stories and episodes while you take up spots on the site and use a good part of Chris' time. Your 15 minutes of fame are more important.



Don't justify yourself with the actions of Carm, etc. They are called CRAZY cat ladies for a reason.


someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today :)


well he obviously does because THE FIRST thing is a new podcast :)


ohhh, this is cute with chris....i should digg it

Janet P.

I was a fifteen year old girl once and these teenage behaviors that I see on this site confirm my beliefs that the world is declining. I for one at that age would never send countless emails to a guy about my pet rat of all things. Or obsess that he never posted them. Get over yourself girly. There are far more important things to worry about in this life.

I'm only ten years older than this girl. 25teen, if you will. Leave poor Chris alone teenagers (and some adults as well, shame on you).

Janet P.

I love how she uses her words in this email. Like a human thesaurus.


can people not have something to look up too?
maybe people are just trying to have fun.
but does it matter what other people do?
no its not your problem.
they can obsess over anything they like.
if it bugs you don't look at it.
all im saying i was trying to have fun and show my rats and how cute i think they are.
we all have opinions.
also i wasn't alone with these emails it was my friend and i.
we enjoy having a laugh.
cute with chris is hilarious so we thought we should enjoy it.
many other people would probably agree.
Your only ten years older than a 15 year old girl. It shouldn't matter what so ever a teenager is doing. Why would it matter what a 15 year old is doing. and also teenagers are not as "MATURE" as a 25 year old "ADULT" . You clearly demonstrated how "MATURE" you are.
Thank you for your input cause everyone wants to be as "MATURE" as you a 25 year old "MATURE ADULT"

this is to janet p :)


Yes i used very "MATURE" words because i just want to be a 25 year old "MATURE ADULT"

just like you janet p.

Janet P.

Yes and I am entitled to have my opinion and express it as such. This is the internet, you didn't have to read my post just like I didn't have to read yours.

I don't even have to post a reply for you explaining myself. I am only doing such so you don't see me as some bitch. And I do care what teenagers are doing, I might have a teenager one day. It's a scary world and I want to know if I can raise a child here. Anyway, please don't reply and make drama out of something so meaningless as my opinion. Have your fun, and accept my internet hug as a form of apology.

btw, my last post before this was a compliment on your vocabulary.


Alana, you and others like you are the reason that Cute With Chris is on hiatus...

You see no harm in what you're doing but unfortunately, the consequences of your nagging and attention seeking are the degradation of Chris' mind and the cancellation of his beloved internet show.

I think I speak for many others when I tell you to that I despise you...

...and hope your rat chews your eyeballs out while you're sleeping.


Okay, well I'm probably the only one thinking about that last part.


Jeez! Enough Teenage Drama Already!! Knock it off! >:P


I second the notion Caleb *lol*.

Fuck you



as you can all tell,
this is just a TEENAGER and as she pointed out with her friends having fun so WHO CARES.
you guys are just like her ,
dont fight fire with fire


dont judg a man before you have walked a mile in his mocasins

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