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June 17, 2009



Seriously, if you had a cat that looked like this how could you stop yourself from taking pictures constantly! He's almost surreal he's so gorgeous! When I first saw pictures of Dante that Wendy took- they had come forwarded from his breeder- I gasped and fell off my computer chair.


"...and perhaps enjoy it even if it doesn't get posted".
If you were a real cult member you'd know that Chris does not particularly enjoy "cute".


Have a nice day. :)

Michael Sudol

Please stop with the Wendy stuff or I'm going to have to remove your RSS feed.

I'm not amused any more. Really. I'm not.


Come on now Dante and Wendy are charming!


"or I'm going to have to remove your RSS feed."

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn...


You forgot "and I won't invite you to my birthday party"

CCL Wendy


If you noticed I put "cute" in quotes to emphasize it, specifically because I KNOW that Chris doesn't like cute things.

Dante is not cute. And I have no control over any of this.


"And I have no control over any of this."

zomg is this like a zombie CCL or a cyborg CCL? Sure, a CCL is a CCL, but there are subtle differences.


For the love of sweet baby Jesus, STOP!! NO MORE DANTE. Ever.


yes, Dante is a gorgeous cat and all... but god... please cut it out... I've got about a million pictures of my Siberian huskies that would blast this cat out of the water, but you don't seem me spamming Chris with them...


I hope you get a computer virus from the porn site you pretend you don't visit and your computer crashes and burns!
You have a lot of nerve spamming multiple emails with pics of that ball of fluff and then claiming you had nothing to do with this.
I'm seeing so much orange my eyes are bleeding!


WTF Chris. Is this Cute with Wendy now? Is she your best friend now or something? Seriously, she must be doing some "favors" to get her damn cat on here so much. I'm going to punt the next orange cat I see.


Has anybody noticed that even Leslie has stopped commenting on the Dante pics?? And that's a whole lotta orange furry-purry. Come to think of it, maybe she overdosed on orange...Leslie, are you okay???


WENDY, YOUR TURNING DANTE INTO A WHORE! is that really how you want to see your cat?

Crazy Cat Lady Wannabe

I think Chris has made his point to some of you. "Feel my pain" "FEEL IT." Are you feeling it yet?

A true CCL will enjoy pictures of Dante all day long.

Just a thought . . . if you guys don't want to see Dante today, don't look at this site a million times in one day. No need to grump at Wendy and Dante-it's not their site (yet).


think I just threw up a little, too bad it's not baby kittens....I love kittens, so cute and furry, n good, n little, n kitten ahh better now I like wendy's pictures there cute, n furry, n...well you get it peaceman

Leanne from BC

What is so special about dante? He isn't disfigured or anything!


I do feel your pain, Chris. I really do. I also feel sorry for Wendy's other cat since she's none too subtle about favoring the amazing Dante. "Dylan is not as good as my other cat Dante but who is." Poor Dylan- he almost certainly has a complex.


Congratulations Wendy!
You just made Dante the most hated cat in North America!
I love cats, but if I saw yours I'd shoot it and put all of us out of our misery.


I feel it.


Dante is boring, time for something else.


Los Angeles, we need to pull Chris away from his computer and buy him shots stat. Lets make this happen.


You know Chris, all you have to do is to just block her from ever emailing you again and not post her pictures. But nooooo.


Hmmm...I see that last comment is from "Dylan". Apparently the non-favorite learned to TYPE just to try to take down the Dante shrine his owner who hates him has created.

CCL Wendy

If you want to see how much I hate Dylan, go to my blog:

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