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June 16, 2009


Kristin Frederickson

Once he had undergone the surgery, all his symptoms, including pain, completely
disappeared, and he once again became the high-spirited, playful dog we knew before - obviously, it did good for him. I have no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do. The surgery was a legitimate cure,
not a last desperate attempt to prolong his life.

Kristin Frederickson

Also, a dog's sight is not it's primary sense like it is with humans. They
are much, much more reliant on their sense of smell. Happy was already blind when we decided on surgery, we took nothing away from him.

Kristin Frederickson

I absolutely promise you that Happy's troubles did nothing to impede on
his natural happiness or mental well-being, I couldn't have lived knowing he was in any form of discomfort.

So, in the future, please keep your judgments to yourself and your mouth shut unless you have something informed and useful to say. Your self-righteous, belligerent attitude reflects badly on you as an individual, and injects entirely unnecessary pain in a thread that would
otherwise be very comforting.


I really don't know what to say.

I'm so sorry Happy is gone. He was inspirational, and aptly named.

I'd like to thank you for sharing him with us.

All I can say is that I'm sure doggy heaven has become a happier place with their newest member.

Kristin Frederickson

"No, I have no problem with helping out humans with epilepsy as long as they agree not to breed and pass that gene on to the next generation." - Congratulations on supporting eugenics! I bet that swastika tattooed on your foreheads attracts all the hottest blond-haired/blue-eyed guys. :)

Kristin Frederickson

Lol kay, I'm done. Sorry I got sucked into an internet flame war with this joker and screwed up this comments section y'all.

I really, really do appreciate most of your comments. The fact that the majority of you, complete strangers, can leave me such nice notes is very solacing and moving. Thanks a bunch.


Miranda is insane. Just ignore her.


I'm half Asian Bitch.
Bring it!

Kristin Frederickson

"I'm half Asian Bitch."
You're only half b*tch? Coulda fooled me.

haha sorry, i know i said i was done but i got a giggle out of that.


They sort of have a point even if they don't say it in the nicest way.
A lot of us have pets that we love who pass away. But you don't see us seeking attention on a message board.
Why are you doing it K.F., if not to profit from the death of your pet?
By profit, I don't mean monetarily, but emotionally.
You remind me of the woman who skipped out on her wedding and made it look like she was abducted just for the attention. When she was really just hiding out at some truck stop in another state.
To me grief is a private thing to be shared with close friends and relatives. It's not something to broadcast and chat about on a website. It makes your "grief" appear cheap.

Kristin Frederickson

Apparently I'm too petty and immature to move on from these comments and resume my life.

Leslie, I think I may agree with you. To be honest, I sent this in at almost 6 in morning, when I had just received the news. I had no one to talk to about what had just happened - my parents had gone to bed, it was way too early to call my friends, and I was much too distraught to sleep. My last resort was to send the story here, because it was the only place available at the time where there would be people that would listen. I suppose that was selfish, as well as desperate.

Kristin Frederickson

And Chris, if you happen to check these comments, I apologize for making such a mess here. I'm very grateful for your e-hospitality, and submitting my story really helped me compose my thoughts in a time when I was pretty messed up. I know he was just a dog, but what's the point of having a pet if you don't love it?
So again, I'm kinda embarrassed how I acted in these comments. It's silly to get so worked up over something on the internet. Though I must say it is rather low to kick someone when they're down like that.
Sorry again!


Having a beagle myself I can't imagine how much it sucks to lose Happy, My the memories endure. I will make sure Susie "war beagle" trees an extra possum for Happy.


Kristin I don't think you made a mess of anything. This thread has been a good contribution to CWC. There's absolutely nothing wrong with sending the news about Happy to Chris imo. It's like 500x better than all the F-ing Dante shit that keeps getting sent in from Wendy :). And I certainly don't agree with Miranda that you somehow prolonged Happy's suffering. 99% of creatures choose life unless their just a vegetable, which clearly Happy was not. But there's nothing wrong with a little e-bickering/flaming! Builds character...


Amen Daniel. If Happy wanted to die, he would have found a nice quiet place and "gone home". I had a friend who's dog walked off and died. His mom wouldn't put her down because she was being selfish and didn't want the pain of seeing her die while all along the poor dog couldn't walk anymore. You were never selfish, Kristin. Happy must have loved life and I give you many paws up for being so loving! :) And thanks for coming on here to talk...Your voice was heard!


Dear Kristen,

I so sorry about your loss! My dog died so I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to lose a friend. I remember seeing Happy in a CWC video and thinking that he had to be the coolest dog ever!! Happy was one of my favorite pets featured on CWC.

best wishes

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