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June 16, 2009



uuuhhh, what? So I don't get to see the new CWC episode because some Kristin's no eyed dog died... That's not a "needless to say" that's more like a "need to say because otherwise people would be wondering where the F is the new episode." I'm utterly disappointed. How long will we be mourning for here? Are we talking until next monday?


RIP Happy. May you be re-united with your phantom disembodied eyeballs in the great beyond.


We'll miss you Happy... RIP


Happy should be on a CWC teeshirt he really was part of what made this website so great.I am sure Chris isn't trying to buy time everyone gets sad at times like these.


I'm going to hazard a guess that something Happy-related is being added to the video?


or there is no video and this is an excellent excuse to not post a video.


SADDD RIP Lucky! We love you! :)


sorry for your loss Kristin.


If you're gonna bitch at Chris, do it in an email. Give Kristin some space; her dog just died.

Having your dog put down is just hard; I've been there too, Kristin, and I'm sorry. Happy seemed like a great dog.


Kristin, sorry about Happy. He sounds like a wonderful dog!


I'm very sorry Kristin. RIP Happy. He was definitely one of my favorite CWC pets :(


Oh no :(
That little guy had a good life, not many people would be willing to stick with a sightless dog, but you did. RIP.


Yes, Daniel, shush.

Poor happy.

I would buy a shirt with an eyeless beagle on the front.

CCL Wendy

I'm very sorry to hear about Happy, Kristin. His spirit lives on -- on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, in CWC fame, and in your heart.


oh no, not Happy! He was so cool.


I'm sure your dog is happier now that he is in no longer feeling the lack of eye sight (what is there to see now?) or suffering from seizures. It sounds like he suffered from seizures for quite some time. His brain was probably covered in scar tissue.
It makes me wonder if all those funny little quirks you and Chris mentioned were actually the result of that scarring.
Chris said he was walking into walls? Sounds like brain damage to me.
You know what's ironic here? The fact that all those funny memories you have of your pet - all those times you laughed when he would do something off the wall - were probably related to what killed him.
And THAT is what comforts you?
That's sick.

I don't mind a delay in the release of a CWC video if it is actually due to him being in mourning, though I highly doubt that is the case here.

It seems just a tad bit suspicious that Chris promised a video, then came on and said the release would be pushed back to very late last night, only to then come on and say that he won't be releasing it because a stranger's dog died.

If he were really in mourning, he would have dedicated the episode to Happy and posted it in his memory.

Why can't you just be honest with us Chris. We understand if you are busy. That's life. But to lie to your audience...
well that may be show business, but it's still wrong.

You and Happy's owner truly deserve one another.
Profiting off the suffering of a poor blind epileptic dog who probably drooled a lot and had no bladder control.

For Shame!


Why does your paper mache model of Happy have Eyes?


Way to go, InARealPickle. You win today's award for Biggest Douche.


This comment section is for condolences for Happy and instead you're turning it into whining for new videos?? InARealPickle and Daniel please get over yourselves, if you don't like what Chris is doing take it up with him, don't post it here for this poor girl to have to see. And calling her sick? Classy. But please remember when you're letting Chris "have it", that he does these videos in his free time for fun and he doesn't owe you anything. True loyal members of the cult know CWC is worth the wait!

Kristin I'm very sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing Happy's story with the world! He will be missed.

Jane from  Dover

Boots: Who actually says that anymore? XD

Sorry your dog died, Kristen. But at least it's your dog and not a family member. You just have to keep things in perspective and you'll be okay.
Now, if your mom had an aneurysm then that would be a real tragedy. I'd really feel for you.
I can't really cry for your dog though. There are too many people on this planet dying from malnourishment, disease, war, etc, for me to care all that much for an animal. The real tragedy is that your DOG got better health care than most people on this planet. Surgically removed eyes? I bet you payed for medication for his seizures too. There are people who can't afford the medications they need to live and you splurged on drugs for a dog.

Why didn't you put it down when the problems first showed up and then donate the money that would have gone to it's treatment to a program that helps children with AIDS in South Africa?

You know, in some places, they would fight over who got to eat your dog. You should count your blessings that you live in a country that is not suffering from famine. You could be in Sri Lanka or Somalia. Your problems would be a whole lot worse then wouldn't they?


The paper mache model has eyes because she did that in 4th grade and he did have eyes for a while (that's what she said anyway I think) So back then he probably had eyeballs. I remember the episode that originally featured Happy, I love being a long time viewer!


I know it was you, just not how or why ???


Wow, the dark side of some CWC viewers has really been revealed in this post.

Sorry to hear about Happy, Kristin; maybe it was for the best that you weren't there at the very end, so your memories would be more of the CWC-video and papermache model variety. He was lucky to have such loving owners.


I'm honestly shocked at the comments here. Daniel and InARealPickle need to see themselves right now. The fact that Happy is a pet loved by not only Kirstin and her family, but by her friends and people she's never met before as well, takes more gravity than a new Cute With Chris episode. The fact that you could whine about not having an episode when this show isn't put on for profit, and belittling a death as an excuse is completely unacceptable.
And thank you, Jane from Dover. I'm sure breaking down a situation with guilt trips really is the best thing to do right now. Right along side with eating tacks. There's a time and place for facts and guilt, and right now is not one of those times.

I'm so, so, so sorry, Kristin. I'm sorry for your loss, Happy was a very inspirational dog. I hope you remember that for a very very long time. I'm also sorry that you're faced with comments like these. Hopefully you can ignore them and know that you were a great owner to happy, and that without adopting him, he would have ended up like countless other puppy mill dogs. You gave him a life so much better than any dog could ask for, and that's more than enough to be proud of.

Again, I'm so sorry.



Wasn't there a video of Happy? Maybe I'm thinking of El Vez. Anyway, I'm really sorry about Happy. He captured the minds and hearts of CWC cult members around the world.

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