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June 16, 2009



I hope your mom brought your dog home to be buried. If she left it with the vet, they won't give him a funeral. They'll sell his corpse to the knackers who will turn him into kibble and glue.

Sorry for your loss.
Happy the No EyEd Dog!


Kristin, I am so sorry for your loss and for some of the comments that are posted here. I enjoyed reading about Happy on the CWC site in the past. I loved how even without eyes he liked to play just like any other dog.

I'm sure that Happy will always have a special place in your heart. Furry or not, he was a family member to you for years. Even though there's people in the world that need monetary assistance for various things, if my dog needed medical care, I would be spending as much money as I could afford to keep him happy and healthy. Many other pet owners would too, so don't let those comments that are trying to guilt you bring you down. I'm really sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts.


It was just a dog Renee. It didn't even do anything special, like save a baby from a burning building or pull it's master out of a frozen pond.
Being blind doesn't make Happy a hero. It makes Happy a blind dog.
I know that I am not alone in not feeling inspired by him.
I can understand Kristen feels sad about her dog dying. She was emotionally attached to Happy after all.
But what is you guys' excuse?
Frankly, you guys disturb me.
No. make that freak me out.
A cult? Really?
Do you have any idea what you all sound like?
Sure Chris Levins is funny. I enjoyed watching him too.
But you sound like you are all prepared to dance naked under the Harvest Moon and then commit ritual suicide for him just because he runs a blog about pets.
Maybe it would be more accurate to describe this as the funny farm. o.O


Beware: There be TrOlLs about!

Kristen, sorry to hear about your dog. Must have sucked majorly to have all those problems. Maybe you'll have better luck with your next one.


My lord what is WRONG with you people? She lost her DOG. Just because he's not a human doesn't make him any less important. I HATE losing dogs. You lose a friend and a true, loving companion when they die. Chris dedicates his comedy to animals. If you don't care about animals, why are you even here?
Kristin I'm sorry there are people here who don't understand how it feels to lose such an important animal. You don't deserve the things that are being said.
And to you, Jane from Dover...If we are SOOO messed up in this world with hunger,disease, etc... Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? Stop bitching and go do something about it if it's that important to you. And if you actually had a heart, you would feel something for Kristin.


Looks like I'm the douche bag. Sorry for your dog Kristin. Even though I don't know who the F you are and you're not in my caring radius. My dog just died too. My neighbor ran her over with his Toyota 3 days ago. I actually don't care that much though because she wasn't a member of my species, thus slightly out of my caring radius.

I always thought CWC had an anti-self-righteous undertone to it. The fact that I was just ostracized by what appear to be an extremely self-righteous lot makes me think I misinterpreted. CWC might be no place for a cold bastard like me.


Daniel, you would be correct on that assumption. Chris has always put forth his own brand of irreverent humor on his show.
I find it ludicrous that these people are putting up such a sanctimonious front considering that they claim to be long time viewers of CWC.
They come across as extremely hypocritical.

Sorry your dog died Kristen. But I think we all know that it was for the best. You would have been doing the poor thing a favor to have put him down a long time ago. You need to admit to yourself that your family was selfishly holding on to your dog and prolonging his suffering because all of you had formed an emotional attachment to the animal. I'm glad that a Vet stepped in and put a stop to it.
Fortunately, Happy's suffering is at an end. It is you and your family that needs to heal now. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Hopefully, you won't torture any more helpless animals in the future.


Miranda, irreverent is the perfect word for what I think the nature of CWC's humor is.

I think everyone should watch the latest episode of CWC titled "international feel sorry for yourself day" again. I quote "sure, cas, thanks for sending pictures of your dead cat. You look so sad." In a sarcastic tone as he shows Cas' smiling picture. Now tell you all think Chris is actually mourning about Happy.

Or perhaps the episode before that called "IFS4YD": "hey I never heard from Ingrid again after he sent those pictures... oh." Then goes into a funny segment on how people gripe about their dead animals to him. IMO he's being completely irreverent and sarcastic and that's why its hilarious.

Maybe you all are being sarcastic when saying things like "happy was an inspirational dog" in which case the jokes on me. CWC is a place where petty self-righteous morality can be left behind.


I'm so sorry about Happy. I lost my Sadie almost 4 years ago, and I don't think I'll ever get over it. I understand what you are feeling very well. Ignore the others who are making hurtful comments. These people are blessed to go through life without experiencing personal tragedy up to this point. But it also makes them really selfish and unable to understand what it is like when you lose your best friend.
And in regards to his health issues, if Happy was, indeed, happy- then it didn't bother him if he bumped into walls. Animals don't experience complex emotions like "I'm mad at you because you just laughed at me because I have a health problem." They just move on. That's what makes them wonderful. He was satisfied to be with his family and find the occasional potato chip!


Also- what the fuck is wrong with you people?


lol @ the people complaining about there being no new video.

I'm sorry, does Chris make his living off this website? If our visiting this site is paying his rent, then, by all means, please bitch away. But, seeing as that is NOT the case, maybe he should get a little slack on the videos. He's still providing free, entertaining content EVERY day. Yes, I miss the videos, too, but give the guy a break.

Also, very sorry to hear about Happy :(


HAHA. The really hilarious part mjwalrus is that my dog Tzidu got run over my by my neighbor's Toyota two months ago. She was five and perfectly healthy. You're dog died 4 years ago and you know tragedy? My Dad died in a car accident when I was 12 (6 years ago). Think I've felt tragedy yet? My mom's also a raging alcoholic. Guess who was driving the car drunk when my dad died? I have no effing idea where my big brother is. You should probably not make the assumption we haven't felt tragedy up to this point.


My cousin's death last December was responsible for Kentucky finally raising the minimum age for drivers licenses. The girl who was driving the car was speeding and took a curve too sharp. She ended up fishtailing and the back of her car smashed into on oncoming coal truck. Despite wearing a seat belt, my cousin was thrown from the car. We think she broke her neck when she hit the tree. That was where they found her body.
She was only 15.
She was a wonderful girl. Beautiful and vibrant. Beloved by her entire community. I have never seen so many people in attendance at a funeral in my life, and I have been to quite a few. All of them for humans, by the way.
Thousands of people stood in line for hours at her wake just to get a couple of seconds to say goodbye.

So YES mjwalrus, I do indeed know what LOSS is. Which is why I find it so laughable when I see people on here getting worked up over a sick dog that would have died years ago if it's owners had not drug it's suffering out for their own enjoyment.


hey Daniel witch is it?

"My dog just died too. My neighbor ran her over with his Toyota 3 days ago."

"The really hilarious part mjwalrus is that my dog Tzidu got run over my by my neighbor's Toyota two months ago."


alright I exaggerated with the three days.

Kristin Frederickson

Hey, this is Kristin - to all you guys who left me sweet comments, thank you, that's very much appreciated :)
Umm, to the dude that said Happy was walking into walls because he had scar tissue on his brain... he had no eyes dude. I'd like to see you walk around blind and not bump into anything. That's not what we laughed at - I was referring to how he'd use his bed as a toy, or throw kibble around in the air before he'd eat it. I'm not sadistic, I loved my dog.


You know what would be awesome?
A blind dog that walked backwards so it could use its tail as a white cane.
That would be hilarious to see. At least that dog wouldn't be running into things.


I didn't even take the time to read all the comments passed like 2 pages but this is getting ridiculous!People are such assholes it makes me wonder why such demanding and mean spirited people enjoyed the show at all!Chris actually showed some personal feelings for this dog and "fans" shunned him for it?!?!And Kristen I can just imagine that poor girl crying while she reads all the ill meaning comments.Those people are pathetic they complain about Chris not posting a video that they did finance or help write the script for.They say he is selling out I mean c'mon they are only bold because they know his email!And as for people who say Kristen could have used that money to fund a charity or something are riduculous that dog meant a lot to her and her family did what they could to save him!I mean I seriously doubt they are living like monks and typing angrily from a wifi connection from Africa.Everyone needs to just chill out and let Kristin and Chris grieve.


Get a grip. You know he's just going to laugh at you all behind your backs while cracking sarcastic jokes about Happy in the next episode.


Also, I wouldn't wear a shirt with Happy on it. But I might wear one with Paper Mache Happy on it. That things crump!

nicholas in germany

reading that story made me really sad, incredibly sad actually, it reminds me of the time my schoal of neon fish was killed by a groop of clown loaches. :(

Kristin Frederickson

This is Kristin again - I don't mean to dwell on the negative, but I really
can't allow some random-@ss stranger like Miranda to tell me I was
torturing my dog.

Kristin Frederickson

Happy had no pain. His epilepsy was effectively and efficiently controlled
by medication, and he went a great many years without experiencing
any seizures before this episode. Do you suggest we euthanize every
person diagnosed with epilepsy, just because you consider giving them
pills torturous?


No, I have no problem with helping out humans with epilepsy as long as they agree not to breed and pass that gene on to the next generation.
It's wasting the money and resources on a dog who's seizures were no doubt the result of the cancer that was eating his eyes before you paid to have them surgically removed that I have an issue with.
In other words, yes - I do feel that human's life has more worth than a dogs.
Not that Happy should have been made to suffer a life of blindness and seizures just to make YOU happy. It was inhumane the way you refused to let the poor animal die.
Reminds me of people who refuse to take brain dead family members off life support.
Just let them go already. When it's your time, it's your time. There's no reason to drag it out. Death is nothing to be afraid of. I'm 100% positive that Happy is much happier where he is now. Don't you feel guilty at all for delaying his crossing for so long? He could have been on that other spiritual plane with his sight back and no seizures years ago.


this is WAY out of control!

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