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June 03, 2009


Ms Amanda

She'll cut a bitch


Well, she's a two-faced cat. That's interesting. Even though she's clearly a bad fake. ;)


wot r u sayin?! it's actually a moose not a cat !? ziff!


Is Sadie short for Sadist?


did we not have this two face conversation like idk 7 months ago... but i guess we need it again


My cat gives me the same damn look & she's purring the whole time. Looks like a lovin' little grrl kitty there.


That is what is known in Cat Fancy as Tortitude... Females with the tri-toned genes have this extreme DIVA cattitude. They are gorgeous and they know it!

Paul 55 teen

The Missus and I have 2 of these Tri-colored catz one inside Mika,the other one a sweet outside stray Chloe. My question is: Both of these Girls drool excessively when you pet them. Is this a common trait with Tri-colored cats??


I had one named Fig Newton. She did not drool when you pet her. She did enjoy helping make lunch, her favorite was ham sandwiches. She would make herself very tall and say, "haam, haam, haam". She was a great cat!


I think some cats just drool. My sisters cat spent (mis-speant) half of her life angry at the world. However, in middleage she mellowed and liked to be petted, but she would drool. I think all her anger in youth was she was afraid to be petted because she knew she would drool.

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