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June 12, 2009




Having had a similar experience at the end of a pets life, I feel for you. The only reassuring thing I can offer is to know that it is not the final two days that are important, but all those years leading up to it.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen



The vets really shouldn't offer to keep the animals alive in these cases. They should simply say we'll put her down now or you can take her home and she'll likely die in her sleep in the next couple of days.


The vet can't always predict whether an animal will live or die. I'm sure the vet wanted do everything she could, as did Mara.



She was a beautiful cat and I'm sure she loved you very much! Hopefully she is in kitty heaven eating tuna and playing with tons of catnip toys ;)


@Glow-Orb: You obviously are not as cynical as I am, because all I could think is that the vet in this case wanted to make the largest amount of money as possible. You are fooling yourself if you think that all medicine (vet or human) exists simply to help those that need it. Medicine in many cases exists just to make a quick buck.


Thanks for posting Chris and thank you all for you sympathy.

Of course we knew the vet could just make money out of our situation, but we knew that from the start. That was kind of a risk we took for the hope.

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