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June 07, 2009



That's because bulldogs, and all other 'pedigree' breeds are selectively and aggressively inbred to promote features which the breeders think are aesthetically pleasing, but are causing huge medical problems to the animals. They do this, saying they are following guidelines set down over a century ago, but which in fact have been perverted beyond all recognition in that time to suit the whims of modern owners. I bet the poor animal has had her tail docked as well...


Looks like she's blowing raspberries to all the folks on CWC! CUTE!!!

Last week I asked my DIL what she would call a girl if the baby she is carrying is a girl... and she said... Kayleigh Isabella.. Yesterday Chris posted a pic from a Kayleigh and today THIS from an Isabella... NOT common names... I do believe M'Lord has given me a sign that I am going to have a granddaughter-


She looks like she has Cherry Eye. You need to take her to the vet. D:

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