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June 22, 2009



I'm really afraid that one day you will really leave us the form of being taken to a mental institution. Please don't let the CCLs drive you to that.

Courtney in Arkansas

Oh my, it has been over a year since a Thursday episode. I am going to pretend that you are not going mad also...whooo!


I vote for Dante number 2. Dante number 3 is just a show off, and is Dante number 1 even Dante? He's not nearly cute enough.


You can't get enough of a good Dante!


Yup, saw that coming.

Enjoy the hiatus, Chris! Hope the Story Hour is more rewarding for you.


you wanna know why you've fallen to number seven chris? its because you left us, and we internet-based fans are very fickle. you hadn't posted a new CWC vid in forever and even those of us who used to religiously check in on CWC site got tired of waiting and found better things to waste our time (like lots and lots of anime =3). as much as we love you talking about carm, we dont want just carm. we want you to talk about carm. if you leave us chris, you will lose a lot of your following. not all... but alot. good luck to you m'lord.


Oh, a new episode on my birthday, how wonderful :)
GL Chris!


Ha, great, it looks like the part of Cute with Chris that's not crazy cat ladies or overweight men in their 40's, or teen goth girls with naked mole rats still have a bit of pull.

Great show Chris! Keep working on cool stuff!

-Kile or Kyle or Kory or whatever the heck my name is.


Mmmm i see a rather poetical inspiration this time Chris: Dante's inferno from the Divine Comedy? ;)


Good to see Chris finally starting to officially sever ties with CWC and move on to something he really enjoys. Thumbs up and good luck!!

maggie (crazy panda bike lady)

Since you're apparently reading these comments now, I think it's awesome that you're focusing on the Story Hour stuff. You're really a wonderful storyteller, and while you're not *quite* Spalding Gray yet, you've got charisma coming out your ass. Figuratively. I hope.


We all know what "hiatus" means, chris. -FML


I guess that's it for CWC then. It's sad but everything has to end eventually. I guess we should all just be happy that he has found something that inspires him more than kittens... no matter how much enjoy watching him pretend to like them.
Even Friends eventually went off the air and it was popular enough to inspire hundreds of thousands of women to get get really bad Jennifer Aniston hair cuts.

Hey, has Chris ever sung the Smelly Cat song?


Don't feed the troll, Chris :P .. i mean don't feed the dande....


We love you Chris! That was one of your best episodes to date! I like the new declined Chris over the old preppy one. It's like the 'good old days', only more sarcastic and cruel. Which was, too be honest, my favorite part of the show all along. Praise the Lord!


Wow. That episode certainly featured a lot of you (Chris) bitching about your life, kind of like the other recent episode you posted. You seem unhappy and kind of angry. I visit this website at least bi-weekly to see the pictures of cute animals and to read your pithy comments. They make me smile. I hope that your hiatus isn't forever. I'll really miss the show. I'm sorry you seem so down.


love the "Taken" reference, Chris


Please don't leave me Chris. I don't know what I will do without you.

Why God!? WHY!?!?!?!?


I only come here for the photos and funny comments.
The CLSH is v funny too.


awe I am saddened by this declaration of hiatus. But I love your stories. They are funny on the surface but run deeper than their humor. I am happy you will continue the story hour.


If you are not going to do any more videos, could you make the archive go all the way back to the first show? That way your newer fans can catch up and it will be just like having new videos. Pls?


I agree with Rachel. It would be nice to see some of the old videos. :)


Kyle sucks!!!


Totally worth the wait. Hilarious! But, umm... you did used to be pretty.. used to..


The Story Hour is just as good, if not better, than CWC, it shows Chris at a higher level, honestly going comedian wouldn't be a bad idea.

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