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June 22, 2009


Shannon (Sandra)

My name is Shannon, and I was featured in one of the CWC two long years ago. Chris disguised my name as "Sandra". I'm fourteen now, and miss the show greatly. Will there ever be another episode? I feel like the question has been avoided, but dammit, the cult needs answers! I understand running a sensational internet blog about cats is not a top priority in the "real world", but I assume it's a lot more fulfilling. Please come back, Chris. We miss Colty, as well. :(


Chris!!! Please come back, we all miss you!!!


what happen its been 2 years @o@ not even a warning to when or why you left???


I miss Chris.

That is all.


It has been more than two years since there has been a cutewithchris episode, yet I still check frequently.
I miss you Chris... so much.


I really fucking miss you Chris. Every time I look into my closet and see my "Cute with Chris" t-shirt, it makes me yearn even more for the day you will post new episodes of your show. If you ever do. :(


Gah, I miss this show...and now I actually have a cute animal to show off. Blast.


Greetings from the future!

Come back :(

I made you earrings! Remember?

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