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June 22, 2009



That was such a good episode! I was laughing for minutes.


Hey Chris,

Just wanted to say I'm really digging the story hour. I'll try and spread the love. Maybe we can get you back into the top 10.


Another vote for making the archive go back to the first episode.

misslis125 episode in a long time! I seriously love Chris and his sarcasm!!


Its always funny watching someone go slowly insane. Make sure to post some vids when your stuck in an Insane Asylum ;)


My preferences lie with Story Hour, too, so I look forward to more of that and more live performances of it--in Toronto! Thanks for all the CWC laughs over the years, Chris! xoxo


Great episode. Makes me sad. And happy. Take me with you to Story Hour.


You do a very good Liam Neeson, Chris; it was a perfect phone call response to the stalker teens! :D I couldn't stop giggling through the entire episode, and it was a good hiatus send off.

If that hiatus happens to extend indefinitely, then thanks for all the kitten-fueled laughs, and good luck with the Story Hour!


RIP, CWC. :(


First, Taken was a horrible movie. My favorite part was when he was on the boat and he whipped out his sword and killed several people without touching him. I'm glad you've decided to focus on something you enjoy. Your story hour is really great. I've been a viewer for two years, and I still love the show. I miss the older episodes though. My favorite is still your recitation of "Buy You a Drank", I would buy (not just get it for free) your recitation videos if they were on itunes, hint hint. I would like to congratulate you on using logic to soar to such a high and mighty spot of the list of cat sites and by doing so become known by over 16.4 million viewers worldwide. I wish I had used crazy old ladies and teenagers love for cute animals to boost my career and life.


Cats are slowly driving me mad too. Blurg.


This was probably one of the best episodes EVER! Love the Taken reference. LOVE your voice doing Dante Dante Dante!

Chris, will you marry me please?


Wendy, you are responsible for the final nail in the coffin of CWC. I hope you're happy that you killed it. Thanks, I really liked the show, but I guess Dante is waaaay more important than the enjoyment of 14 million plus teen viewers across the globe.

by the way, fuuuuuuk Dante.


208 area code? North Idaho for the win =D


Best. Episode. Ever.

And, why don't any of the CCL's name their kittens after Chris? Then, he wouldn't have to get as many emails.


The Chris Leavins Story Hour is great--keep it coming!

And people, don't hate Dante for being beautiful. ;)


lol good episode :)


Chris I loved your take on 'Taken'. The movie itself was crap, but you made that line from the movie better. :-)


chris you're still beautiful. you just need to shave


*tear* We'll miss you Chris! Honestly, you bring a much needed smile to crazy cat ladies, teeangers, and us gays every Monday. I hope the break helps you regain your smile and us loyal viewers will be waiting for your return, my lord!


Long time watcher. Don't let the clingy fans gripes get to you. You do what you must before you hate kittens forever, if you don't already that is. Always a pleasure to watch your show and read your blog. Good luck.


Chris that was def. one of the best episodes ever. I feel like I just watched the final episode of MASH, Cheers or Carson going off the air.

That said, what you did was free, beautiful, and gave us all something to look forward to...

I agree that you should make all the old episodes available, and maybe you should even do what Ricky Gervais did and when he early free podcasts available on itunes for a small fee... I think a lot of people would be willing to make a "contribution" by purchasing their favorite episodes for .99 cents on itunes so that we can permanently have them on our Teen Cult Machines. Or you could basically have all 178 or so episodes with maybe a special intro from you or some "bonus material" available as one package for $5.99.

I know you didn't do this to necessarily make money, it was more about creating a platform to show off your talents, but it doesn't change the fact that people pay money for stuff that is way less entertaining.

As one of the other commenters said so perfectly, "Take me along to Story Hour"... I, for one, will be there!


It's a little sad for me. It IS like watching the last episode of your favourite show. I feel slightly empty inside, but I can move on. I'm excited for the Story Hour!

So Chris, good luck with your future projects, and I hope to see you in some film and TV sometime soon!


omg am i psychic or wot, haven't check this place out in months. and for 2 days have had the nagging little voice saying you must go to CWC.
burdens of a cult take their toll


It's all because of the economy.

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