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June 22, 2009



CHRIS!!! It's time for a return!


is it really a hiatus or are u done for real? its been a year dude. How much more time do you need? its not like u work on a minefield or anything...GET UR ASS BACK TO WORK!

best regards

fernanda from brazil


Where are you Chris? It's been over a year :/


Don't loose hope. Maybe he'll return someday...
Miss you :(


it's almost been a year since this last video


chris leavins...please come back

I'll give you all the money in my piggy bank :]


one year


The 1 year Anniversary of the end of Cute with Chris has rolled around. It's a dark day for CWC fans everywhere.


I died a little inside when I realized it was the 1 year anniversary. PLEASE Chris! Come back! You were frickin amazing! Your dry humor and hate for life supplied my day with happiness and comedy! DAMN YOU KYLE!!!!!!!!!!


happy one-year anniversary of your hiatus.

Amanda Atkinson

Oh Chris, why have you not returned? It has been a year and nine days since we last saw you. So sad, I guess the pressure of running the number 7 cat website on the internet (so proud) really got to you.


I think a hiatus is good. There's no point doing something if your heart isn't in it anymore. Give Chris some time to get back that spark of passion that launched this awesome idea.

Just realize, it's a lot of work, and he's got to get something out of it too.


Chris died.


Hey Chris - over a year. Understandable if you're burned out or have moved on, but a status update would be nice? Sucks being left wondering.


It seems like much, much longer than a year. I miss CWC much...


It feels longer than a year because he went a long time before posting this final video. I remember checking my youtube inbox everyday hoping for an update. It finally came, but much to my dismay, it was not to day that he would be getting back on schedule. I thought "Oh, I understand. He deserves a break, he'll be back before I know it"... Its been a year since then. I think its safe to say that CWC has come to a close. No more Colty. No more Pervy. And no more "drunk" Chris making fun of his viewers.


Unbelievable we are so crazy to write and write comments, begging you to come back, even though this last video was uploaded more than a year ago. You see Chris: We need you! Please make episodes on CWC again :D


Where is your god now?


Miss you shitloads Chris.

Hope you make a new episode, but I completely understand if you don't. Please don't listen to people's complaints. we're all so grateful for everything you did produce in the past.

So thanks for everything =)


i miss CwC videos! are you every coming back?


I have a question. Did you actually call that chick or did you make that shit up?


I'm sad to see that the show is basiclly dead, I watched this show constantly when i was in highschool, even shared some of my favorite episodes with friends. I loved this show so much, and then I stopped watching, and now I come back to see that its gone forever now. I'm sorry that i abandoned you Chris, I wish you were still putting up with crazy cat ladies and people like Ralph, just so i could come see a live show like i always wanted to, or maybe get a Pen (Bitch). I hope this finds you well, and maybe it will even pop up in your inbox while your editing the first CWC of 2011.


Dear Chris

Hit that fucking doughnut, and do it hard.

We need you back.


Hey fucker get your ass back online and make a video or get rid of them all. Take your site down or continue. Just more wasted space. I am also pissed that I bought that goddamn doughnut shirt, no one understands it now.


2 years Chris. still we're wondering. if you feel any loyalty to your fans, at least a 'so long to cwc' video would be nice.

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