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June 17, 2009



Excellent Kyle. Excellent.


It's not Jaundice, it's the lighting.

I was hoping for my more controversial demotivational. Great to see you read mail. Hope things work out better for you big guy.

-K in A


I'd still tap that! ;)


This.... is solid gold. Oh Chris, how you hate to hear our words of pity. You look fine too me... just a little dead inside :) We should just be glad you haven't gone insane... more than you were anyways.


The wet kitten look works rather well, Chris. :D


Yeah, I dunno. Some days, that second picture is like looking in a mirror.


I have finally been dragged out of years of lurking to post the following:

Chris, flee. Flee from these psychotic internet doctor fans and snippy haters. Clearly the cult is reaching a crux here.

One of these days the more fervid will surely dress themselves in robes of the finest macramé cat fabrics, kidnap you and spend three hot days days in procession, carrying you on a cushioned litter and beating hide drums, anointing you with arcane unguents and rubbing you with catnip before entering a final paroxysm of ecstasy and throwing you into a volcano to please Ba'al or Kali or some other ancient God.

Please Chris, save yourself before it's too late.


lol @ malaria . . . but not in a sick sociopathic way. Just at the thought of Chris possibly having it. Okay, that still sounds bad.


Poor Chris... I miss the clean Chris that made videos every week. You juat have to dig down deep Chris, deep down there is the Old Chris waiting to come out to the kitty blogs and Carm.


It kind of looks like you have a mullet. Huh.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Is this what all my pictures of me dressed up as a cat has done to you?

Oh well. It was worth it.


I still think he's sexy o_o'


Isn't it always the case - when a man reaches a certain age, people think he looks so much sexier and interesting. No one ever says that about a woman. (sigh)


All chris does now is his Story Hours crap. I don't even have an IPOD chris. Do you know what that means? I cannot even listen to your story hour! I want the old chris!


what a change!


@ Char: You can download iTunes w/o having an iPod, you know. You would just have to listen to the Story Hour on your computer.

Old Chris, New Chris... you're still Our Lord!


Thank you X I didn't know that. Never mind then. I don't care whether you are the old Chris or the New Chris, just having a video more then once a month would be lovely.


Chris looks a million times better then before, I love the new look.


Hi Chris, I have a lot to say on this subject:
1) I started coming to Cute With Chris because you are smokin' hot.
2) BeatBox Chris is my favorite Chris. I would love to eat a messy, juicy burger off of those thighs. (expect increase in views of beatbox Chris video!)
3) If GIA is right and you have any of those conditions causing the change in your looks I can offer the services of my boyfriend, the genius multi-organ transplant surgeon. He's Canadian too;) And you get to come here for the surgery!
Get Well Soon
38teen New Orleans

mighty zeidy

Decline?! Chris you still look magical & good! Maybe there are strategies you can implement to protect your mental health? We love you forever!


Hobo-hotness is still hotness.

Find your bliss Chris! :)


Chris you looked like a creeper, you know the kinds with van asking small children if they want a lollipop. Now you just look like a hobo that's slowly and painfully dying inside. Maybe this is the revenge of all the ugly animals you told "all your dreams are dead". Any hodalz I think you look way hotter now. screw dante I want CARM.


I'm not sure when your birthday is, but the same thing happened to my husband. At age 27 (before we were married) he was fit and happy, optimistic, and he even used to shave every day. Now he is 30, has gained 15 lbs., very pessimistic, and shaves 1x a week. Maybe it is age, but maybe you got married... ;)


I think you are sexier now!!!!


hay i think you looke sooooo hot now then you did i mean ya you look sad and all but still. ps i wish you respond to your comments:'( pss how do i email you it wont let me on your sit??? email me if you can

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