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June 09, 2009



do squirrels hibernate like...bears? maybe that's why it was such a sound and CUUUUTE sleeper


good job toni. i tried to rescue a squirrel last week, but it died.

Courtney Coombs

That aint no rat, it's a squirrel!


AHHHHH!!! Crotch squirrel!!!


that's really insane.


Do they really grow up and bite? I would think that it would have bonded with you. :(


It's holding your shirt! Awwww. I hope it's still alive somewhere.


I would have kept him and fed him. But you did the right thing....he's so darn cute.


I thought some people had pet squirrels. I would not have been able to part with the cuteness.

Baby squirrel, go back home!


That is really adorable! and Toni is really pretty! :D


I know someone with a pet squirrel. It's really funny it likes to hide on shelves and jump onto his shoulder when he passes. You should have kept it, shoulder squirrels are hella cute! And his has never bitten him.

Jennifer G.

OMG! It would've been hard to give him back to nature. Sooo cute! There's an animal ranch near where I live and the squirrels will climb up your pant leg for food. I totally want to take one home! <3

Tyler McTrasherson

Am I the only one imagining Toni's crotch hole?


The minute you took that squirrel into your home,fed it, and let it sleep on your crotch - you ruined it for the wild.
It's undoubtedly dead now.
If there was such a thing as squirrel slaughter, you'd be guilty of a felony and awaiting execution on death row.
Poor Squirrel.
Why didn't you just get the squirrel tested for rabies and then keep it as a pet?
On another note, my uncle had two squirrels that his family semi-domesticated. They lived in a tree outside of their house and would eat right out of my cousins' hands.
Then one day a visiting relative decided to use them for target practice. He killed them and then belatedly realized that this would seriously piss my uncle off. So, he took the squirrels home and hid them in his freezer. I think he eventually ate them.


wow Leah, you're twisted! It's not really necessary to tell her that, because the time has passed. It does no good to make people upset, you're not helping anyone! congrats!


Leah, you troll:

That's total BS. Same goes with touching baby birds and "ruining" them for their parents by leaving human scent on them.

Instinct is still going to kick in for that squirrel when it grows up in the wild. That's specifically why she didn't keep it. (And parent birds, btw, will still rear their babies even if people have touched them.)

Those are the kinds of old wives' tales that parents can tell their kids to get them to leave baby birds and animals the hell alone... which isn't a bad plan, really.

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